Shillman Hall is an academic building built in 1995 and named in 1999. It is named after Robert J. Shillman, EE '68 and CEO of Cognex, who donated $3 million to the university for the naming rights. It was the first new construction on the NU campus since the building of the much-reviled Kariotis Hall in the late 1980s, and one of three buildings built during John A. Curry's term.

Prior to its naming in summer 1999, the building was simply known as the "Classroom Building", with designation "CL". The university actively advertised the naming rights to the building after its construction.

The building extends the Forsyth Street facade started at Nightingale Hall, but curves westward to face the Centennial Common, to line up with the south face of Meserve Hall, resulting in a "closed block" of buildings.

The building provides medium-size, amphitheater-style seating, and boasted the most technologically advanced A/V systems on campus when it was built. Each classroom has a full complement of video and audio playback devices, overhead projectors, and PC/video/audio inputs on the lecturer's desk.

The top floor of the building included a new television studio for use in the broadcast journalism curriculum.

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