Race: Werepyre (half werewolf, half vampire)

Job: N/A

Age: 623

Weight: 457 lbs


When his wife is around: Romantic, optimistic, gentle; when his wife is absent: a savage beast.


Werepyre form: A giant werewolf with large wings and fangs that are four inches long.

Human form: Jet black hair that comes just below the ears with green eyes.


He carries a greatsword that, when successfully cut into an enemy's skin, poisons them and turns them into one of his minions. The only cure is to be bitten by him, which turns the person bitten into a werepyre.


Shimeran was engaged to a young lady named Sierra Katmoore (who later became Sierra Hlim) and was serving in Rulton army at the time when Lady Katmoore was bitten by a vampire. Sierra decided she was too dangerous and couldn't control her hunger for blood, so she flew off into the night sky to keep safe the one she loved. Shimeran searched for years for a cure and finally found one being sold by a peddler. When Shimeran attempted to offer money for the cure, the peddler refused, and spoke of a much greater price for the potion. Shimeran hastily agreed, not thinking of the consequences. The peddler turned out to be a werepyre in disguise, who easily overpowered Shimeran and gave him the curse of the werepyre In exchange for becoming a werepyre, Shimeran was given the cure for vampirism. With his newfound abilites, Shimeran tracked down Sierra and attempted to give her the cure. Unaware of Shimeran's curse and having lost her mind to her curse years ago, Sierra attempted to seduce Shimeran with her vampiric powers, also unaware of his immunity. Though broken inside, Shimeran played along until Sierra came in for the bite, at which point Shimeran bit into her neck, restoring her mind through some unknown side effect. Shimeran and Sierra quickly traveled to a town nearby and were married. Hundreds of years later, the undead pair have nestled down in caves in an unexplored region of Rulton.

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