Shining Time Port is a Thomas/Shining Time Station parody series by EliJBrown.


  • Thomas- Mr. Conductor (Season 1)
  • Percy - Mr. Conductor (Season 2-Present) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Emily - Stacy Jones
  • James - Schemer (DO NOT EDIT!) (You can't stick with Percy as Schemer because you have to stick with James as Schemer and Percy as GC Mr. Conductor)
  • Henry - Harry Cupper
  • Gordon - Billy Twofeathers
  • Duck - Dan
  • Mavis - Becky
  • Rosie - Kara
  • Mavis - Tayna
  • Billy - Matt
  • Sir Topham Hatt - JB King
  • Hector - Mayor Flopdinger
  • Duncan - Schemee
  • Elizabeth - Midge Smoot
  • Murdoch - Barton Winslow (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • BoCo - Robby The Robot


Season 1

  • 1. A Place Unlike Any Other (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Gets Tricked" and "Hercules Helps Out")
  • 2. Does It Bite? (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Come Out, Baloo" and "Baloo To The Rescue")
  • 3. And The Band Played Off (Mickey Mouse Stories: "A Big Day For Mickey Mouse" and "Trouble For Mickey Mouse")
  • 4. Pitching In and Helping Out (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Saves The Day" and "Rabbit Learns A Lesson")
  • 5. Show and Yell (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Foolish Weasels" and "A Proud Day For Rabbit")
  • 6. Faith, Hope and Anxiety (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse And The Portman" and "Mickey Mouse Goes Fishing")
  • 7. Agree To Disagree (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Rafiki" and "Mickey Mouse And Goofy's Great Race")
  • 8. Whistle While You Work (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Legs & Turntables" and "Trouble In The Building")
  • 9. Two Old Buffers (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Donald Duck Runs Away" and "Mickey Mouse Comes To Breakfast")
  • 10. Happy Accidents (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Baloo's Special Coal" and "The Flying Kipper")
  • 11. Ring in the Old (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Merlin the Wizard" and "Mickey Mouse Breaks The Rules")
  • 12. Impractical Jokes (Mickey Mouse Stories: "A Cow on the Road" and Old Iron")
  • 13. Finders Keepers Mickey Mouse Stories: "Double Trouble" and "Rabbit In A Mess")
  • 14. Just Wild About Henry's Workshop (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Robin Hood Takes Charge" and "Donald Duck Proves A Point")
  • 15. Promises, Promises (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Better Late Than Never" and "Pop Goes Captian Hook")
  • 16. Words Out (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Captian Hook's Devious Deed" and "A Close Shave For Robin Hood")
  • 17. Too Many Cooks (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Captian Pheobus Takes A Dip" and "Down The Mine")
  • 18. Mapping It Out (Mickey Mouse Stories: "The Runaway" and "Donald Duck Takes The Punge")
  • 19. Things That Go Gahooga in the Night (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Donald Duck's Ghostly Trick" and "Woolly Bear")
  • 20. Is This The End? (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Saved From Scrap" and "A New Friend For Mickey Mouse")
  • SPECIAL 'Tis A Gift (Television: Mickey Mouse Stories: "Rakiki" and "Mickey Mouse's Christmas Party") (Video: Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse's Christmas Party" and "Mickey Mouse and the Missing Christmas Tree")

Season 2

  • 21. Scare Dares (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Donald Duck's Ghostly Trick" and "Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Dragon Maleficent")
  • 22. Oh, What a Tangled Web (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Captian Hook's Devious Deed" and No Joke For Rabbit")
  • 23. The Magic Is Believing (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Old Iron" and "Hercules' Exploit"
  • 24. Win, Lose or Draw (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Double Trouble" and "Captian Pheobus and the Famous Visitor")
  • 25. Sweet and Sour (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Bahgerra and Kovu" and "The Deputation")
  • 26. Achoo! (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Trust Mickey Mouse" and "Mouths and Sneezes")
  • 27. A Dog's Life (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Rabbit In A Mess" and "The Trouble With Mud")
  • 28. Field Day (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Donald Duck Proves A Point" and "Mcikey Mouse and Goofy's Great Race")
  • 29. Wrong Track (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Saves The Day" and "Down the Mine")
  • 30. Washout (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Goofy's Chase" and "Donald Duck's Promise")
  • 31. Crackpot (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Woolly Bear" and "Baloo's Forest")
  • 32. Yabba, Yabba, Yabba (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Pop Goes Captian Hook" and "Captian Hook Does it Again")
  • 33. Nickel in a Pickle (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Comes to Breakfast" and "Mickey Mouse Gets Bumped")
  • 34. Stop the Press (Mickey Mouse Stoies: "Donald Duck and the Signal" and "A Big Day for Mickey Mouse")
  • 35. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Mickey Mouse Story: "Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Mail Drive")
  • 36. Double Trouble (Mickey Mouse Stories: "The Lionseasel" and "Bahgerra's Duck")
  • 37. Is Anybody There? (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Goes Fishing" and "A Scarf For Donald Duck")
  • 38. Do I Hear? (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Princess Aurora" and "Merlin's Tightrope")
  • 39. Jingle Jingle Jingle (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Time For Trouble" and "Trouble For Mickey Mouse")
  • 40. All's Fair (Mickey Mouse Story: "Hercules, Jiminy Cricket and the Really Useful Party")

Season 3

TV Specials

  • Once Upon A Time (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Genie To The Rescue" and "Mickey Mouse and Tarzan")
  • Second Chances (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Granpuff" and "Sleeping Beauty")
  • One of The Family (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Aladdin Stands By" and "Mickey Mouse And The Special Letter")
  • Queen For A Day (Mickey Mouse Stories: "Mickey Mouse Meets The Queen" and "Special Attraction")

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