Shining Time Port-Featuring Thomas and Duck is a Thomas/Shining Time Station Parody Series. It is all about Mr. Thomas Counductor voiced by Ringo Starr and Mr. Duck Counductor voiced by George Carlin and they both tell stores about Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends.


  • Thomas is voiced by Ringo Starr
  • Duck is voiced by George Carlin
  • Emily is Thomas's Girlfriend
  • Boco bees the Captin to drive the tugboat
  • James is a Maker
  • Duncan is James's Other Friend
  • Diesel is Duck's Evil Twin
  • Diesel 10 bullys other engines
  • Bulgy is the First Evil Shunter
  • Spencer is the Second Evil Shunter
  • and more


Season 1

  • A Place Unlike Any Other (Ten Cents Stores: Ten Cents Gets Tricked and OJ Helps Out)
  • Does it Bite (Ten Cents Stores: Come Out Big Mac and Big Mac to the Rescue)
  • And The Band Played Off (Ten Cents Stores: A Big Day For Ten Cents and Trouble For Ten Cents)
  • and more

More Seasons Coming Soon

Shining Time Port's Featured Flim

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