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Shining Time Robotstation is a Sir Handel And Friends/Shining Time Station Parody Series.


Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan)

  • Sir Handel - Mr. Counductor (RS)
  • Peter Sam - Mr. Counductor (GC)
  • Billy - Matt
  • Splatter and Dodge - The Evil Workers
  • Sonia - Thomas the Tank Engine
  • and more


  • Ringo Starr as Mr. Sir Handel Conductor
  • George Carlin as Mr. Peter Sam Conductor


Season 1

Season 2

  • 22. Scare Dares (Sonia Stories: "Cream's Ghostly Trick" and "Sonia, Cream and Dragon Maleficent")
  • 23. Oh, What a Tangled Web (Sonia Stories: "Rouge's Devious Deed" and "No Joke For Belle")
  • 24. The Magic Is Believing (Sonia Stories: "Old Iron" and "Cinderella's Exploit")
  • 25. Win, Lose or Draw (Sonia Stories: "Double Trouble" and "Ariel and the Famous Visitor")
  • 26. Sweet Sour (Sonia Stories: "Lady and Predita" and "The Deputation")
  • 27. Achoo! (Sonia Stories: "Trust Sonia" and "Mouths and Sneezes")
  • 28. A Dog's Life (Sonia Stories: "Belle In A Mess" and "The Trouble With Mud")
  • 29. Field Day (Sonia Stories: "Cream Proves A Point" and "Sonia and Babs' Great Race")
  • 30. Wrong Track (Sonia Stories: "Sonia Saves The Day" and "Down the Mine")
  • 31. Washout (Sonia Stories: "Babs' Chase" and "Cream's Promise")
  • 32. Crackpot (Sonia Stories: "Woolly Bear" and "Jasmine's Forest")
  • 33. Yabba, Yabba, Yabba (Sonia Stories: "Pop Goes Rouge" and "Rouge Does it Again")
  • 34. Nickel in a Pickle (Sonia Stories: "Sonia Comes to Breakfast" and "Sonia Gets Bumped")
  • 35. Stop the Press (Sonia Stories: "Cream and the Signal" and "A Big Day for Sonia")
  • 36. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Sonia Story: "Sonia, Cream and the Mail Drive")
  • 37. Double Trouble (Sonia Stories: "The Princeasel" and "Lady's Duck")
  • 38. Is Anybody There? (Sonia Stories: "Sonia Goes Fishing" and "A Scarf For Cream")
  • 39. Do I Hear? (Sonia Stories: "Kuzco" and "Eilonwy's Tightrope")
  • 40. Jingle Jingle Jingle (Sonia Stories: "Time For Trouble" and "Trouble For Sonia")
  • 41. All's Fair (Sonia Story: "Cinderella, Fifi La Fume and the Really Useful Party")

Season 3

TV Specials

  • Once Upon A Time (Sonia Stories: "Katrina To The Rescue" and "Sonia and Tikal")
  • Second Chances (Sonia Stories: "Granpuff" and "Sleeping Beauty")
  • One of The Family (Sonia Stories: "Cadpig Stands By" and "Sonia And The Special Letter")
  • Queen For A Day (Sonia Stories: "Sonia Meets The King" and "Special Attraction")

Peter Sam's Sonia Tales

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