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Shining Time Space Station is a COPS/Shining Time Station Parody Series.


  • Nine Cents - Mr. Counductor RS
  • CoBi - Mr. Conductor GC


Season 1

  1. A Place Like Any Other (Spongebob Stories: Spongebob Gets Tricked, Spongebob's Dad Helps Out)
  2. Does It Bite? (Spongebob Stories: Come Out, Stanley!, Stanley To The Rescue)
  3. & The Band Played Off (Spongebob Stories: A Big Day For Spongebob, Trouble For Spongebob)
  4. Pitching In & Helping Out (Spongebob Stories: Spongebob Saves The Day, Squidward Learns A Lesson)
  5. Show & Yell (Spongebob Stories: Foolish Freight Fishes, A Proud Day For Squidward)
  6. Faith, Hope & Axelty (Spongebob Stories: Spongebob & The Bully, Spongebob Goes Fishing)
  7. Agree To Dissagree (Spongebob Stories: Larry The Lobster, Spongebob & The Kid Fish's Great Race)
  8. Whistle While You Work (Spongebob Stories: Houses & Rooms, Trouble In Bikini Bottom)
  9. 2 Old Fishes (Spongebob Stories: Patrick Runs Away, Spongebob Comes To Breakfast)
  10. Happy Aceddents (Spongebob Stories: Stanley's Special Button, The Flying Kipper)
  11. Ring In The Old (Spongebob Stories: Old Man Jenkins The Old Fish, Spongebob Breaks The Rules)
  12. Impractical Jokes (Spongebob Stories: A Cow On The Road, Old Iron)
  13. Finders Keepers (Spongebob Stories: Double Trouble, Squidward In A Mess)
  14. Just Wild About Cheif's Workshop (Spongebob Stories: Mr. Krabs Takes Charge, Patrick Proves A Point)
  15. Promises, Promises (Spongebob Stories: Better Late Than Ever, Pop Goes The Flying Dutchman)
  16. Words Out (Spongebob Stories: Flying Dutchman's Devious Deeds, A Close Shave For Mr. Krabs)
  17. Too Many Cooks (Spongebob Stories: Bubblebass Takes A Dip, Down The Sand)
  18. Mapping It Out (Spongebob Stories: The Runaway, Patrick Takes The Plunge)
  19. Things That Go Gahooga In The Night  (Spongebob Stories: Patrick's Ghostly Trick, Wooly Bear)
  20. Is This The End? (Spongebob Stories: Saved From Scrap, A New Friend For Spongebob)

Season 2

  1. Scare Dares (Spongebob Stories: Patrick's Ghostly Trick, Spongebob, Patrick & The Dragon)
  2. Oh, What A Tangeled Web (Spongebob Stories: Flying Dutchman's Devious Deeds, No Joke For Squidward)
  3. The Magic Is Beliving (Spongebob Stories: Old Iron, Spongebob's Dad's Expiot)
  4. Win, Loose Or Draw (Spongebob Stories: Double Trouble, Bubblebass & The Famous Visitor)
  5. Sweet & Sour (Spongebob Stories: Fish 1 & Fish 2, The Deputation)
  6. Achoo! (Spongebob Stories: Trust Spongebob, Whistles & Sneezes)
  7. A Dog's Life (Spongebob Stories: Squidward In A Mess, The Trouble With Mud)
  8. Feild Day (Spongebob Stories: Patrick Proves A Point, Spongebob & The Kid Fish's Great Race)

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