Shining Time Station's Brand New Specials Ideas is a Fan Fiction thing to do this features special ideas with special appearances by other classic television shows Pictures will be avaliable by fans like you & there will be 3 Thomas Stories in each Special Ideas. Thomas Stories told by Ringo Starr, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon.

Shining Time Station on Sesame Street

it's a busy day on Shining Time Station & all the trains from the Indian Valley to New York were going slow & then the Sesame Street Muppets arrive to Shining Time Station


  • Special Guest Stars: The Sesame Street Muppets
  • Thomas Stories: James Learns A Lesson, Foolish Freight Cars, and A Proud Day For James
  • Sesame Street Songs & segments will also be used on this almost like a show collaboration

Picture Scenes:

Scene 1:

Jukebox Songs:

  • Freight Train Blues [Billy's Runaway Train]
  • Sweet Betsy [Wrong Track]
  • Celito Lindo [Becky Makes a Wish]


Quote 1:

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