• Becky (from Shining Time Station) as Thomas (I know, Becky is female)
  • Baby Bop (from Barney and Friends) as Edward
  • E.Honda (from Street Fighter) as Henry
  • Zangief (from Street Fighter) as Gordon
  • Lisa (from The Simpsons) as James
  • Kara (from Shining Time Station) as Percy
  • Midge Smoot (from Shining Time Station) as Toby
  • Amy Rose (from Sonic) as Duck
  • Baboo and Squatt (from Power Rangers) Donald & Douglas
  • Dan (from Shining Time Station) as Oliver
  • M.Bison (from Street Fighter) as Diesel
  • Tex and Rex (from Shining Time Station) as Bill & Ben
  • Riff (from Barney and Friends) as BoCo
  • Vega (from Street Fighter) as Daisy
  • Mr. Conductor (AB) (from Shining Time Station) as Emily
  • Dr. Eggman (from Sonic) as Diesel 10
  • Rita Repulsa (from Power Rangers) as Spencer
  • Barney (from Barney and Friends) as Rosie (I know, Barney is male) (Barney and Rosie are both purple)

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