• Barney (from Barney and Friends) as Homer
  • Baby Bop (from Barney and Friends) as Marge
  • Matt (from Shining Time Station) as Bart
  • Becky (from Shining Time Station) as Lisa
  • Peach as Maggie
  • Cleveland Brown as Grandpa Abe
  • Ryu & Ken as as Lenny & Carl
  • Barton Winslow (from Shining Time Station) as Barney Gumble (Both have names starting with a "B" and They're both clumsy and large men)
  • BJ (from Barney and Friends) as Moe (BJ and Moe are both vain)
  • Riff (from Barney and Friends) as Ned Flanders
  • Stacy Jones (from Shining Time Station) as Maude Flanders
  • Decoe and Bocoe (from Sonic) as Rod & Todd Flanders
  • Dr. Eggman (from Sonic) as Mr. Burns (Both are main antagonists in the series)
  • Amy Rose (from Sonic) as Helen Lovejoy
  • Wario (from Mario) as Principal Skinner
  • Lois Griffin as Edna Krappabel
  • Shawn (from Barney and Friends) as Martin Prince
  • JB King (from Shining Time Station) as Mayor Quimby
  • Death (from Family Guy) as Frank Grimes
  • Kathy (from Barney and Friends) as Allison Taylor
  • Kara (from Shining Time Station) as Janey Powell
  • Billy Twofeathers (from Shining Time Station) as Yes Guy
  • Akuma (from Street Fighter) as Snake Jailbird (Akuma and Snake are both mean and devious)
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Sideshow Bob (Bowser and Sideshow Bob are both Evil)
  • Sagat (from Street Fighter) as Superintendent Chalmers
  • Dan (from Shining Time Station) as Milhouse
  • Michael (from Barney and Friends) as Chief Wiggum
  • M.Bison (from Street Fighter) as Comic Book Guy

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