Part 1

George Fleer said Becky should take a photograph of his bellybutton. But Becky thought that would be too obvious because George has a serious outie....and all of the other teams would know EXACTLY who it was.

They tried taking photographs of other young kids on their team, but the rest of them were just too obvious.

Part 2

Gus was hoping he could get some rest, but a lot of the young kids began horsing around, and it was impossible for him to fall asleep.

At 1 point, George Fleer began chasing Dan, Kara and Becky around with his outie, which was very disturbing.

See? this is the kind of thing Gus couldn't stand about young boys his age.

When it came down to it, they were just a bunch of wild animals at the zoo.

When George began chasing other people around, Gus excused himself to go to the men's restroom so he could brush his teeth.

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