• Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr) as Peter
  • Stacy as Lois
  • Mr. Conductor (George Carlin) as Brian
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin as Stewie
  • Dan as Chris
  • Tanya as Meg
  • Schemer as Quagmire
  • Billy Twofeathers as Joe
  • Harry Cupper as Cleveland
  • JB King as Tom Tucker
  • Midge Smoot as Diane Simmons
  • Sister Conductor as Jillian
  • Buster as Bertram
  • Matt as Neil
  • Tito as Mort
  • Didi as Bonnie
  • Grace as Loretta
  • The Furniture Mover's Partner as Death
  • Mr. Nicholas as Herbert
  • Hobart Hume as Carter Pewterschimdt
  • Barton Winslow as Dr. Hartman
  • The Furniture Mover as Ernie the Giant Chicken

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