Version 1 (made by Dude723)

  • Sonic ("Sonic X") as Naruto
  • Becky as Sakura
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin as Orochimaru
  • Knuckles (Sonic X) as Sasuke
  • Barton WInslow as Itachi
  • Buster as Kabuto
  • Schemee as Gaara
  • Vector (Sonic X) as Kankuro
  • Midge as Temari
  • Schemer as Shikamaru
  • Stacy as Kurenai
  • Ginny as Tsunade
  • Kara as Shizune
  • Tanya as Ino
  • Amy (Sonic X) as Hinata
  • Silver (Sonic X) as Minato Kamikaze
  • Crash and Eddie ('Ice Age' sequel films) as Kiba and Shino
  • Mr. Pataki (Hey Arnold!) as Might Guy
  • Cream (Sonic X) as Jiraiya
  • Blaze (Sonic X) as Tenten
  • Barney ("Barney and Friends") as Chouji
  • Mr. Tanaka (Sonic X) as Iruka
  • Billy as Kakashi
  • Professor Oak (Pokemon series) as Neji
  • Hamton (Tiny Toon Adventures) as Rock Lee
  • Matt as Konohamaru
  • JB King as the 3rd Hokage

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