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Billy Twofeathers tells Thomas the Tank Engine that GC Mr. Conductor is in a log jam. Then Thomas tells RS Mr. Conductor who hurries off to the rescue.


  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Puffa
  • Billy Twofeathers as Big Mac
  • GC Mr. Conductor as Sunshine
  • RS Mr. Conductor as Ten Cents


  • JB King (Narrating): At that moment, Thomas the Tank Engine arrived to collect wood planks from a camp sawmill. He was a great friend of my Shining Time men.
  • Billy Twofeathers: Hey, Thomas!
  • Thomas: Hi there, Billy! How's it going?
  • Billy: GC Mr. Conductor's trapped in the log jam, go get help, quick as you can!
  • Thomas: Right, will do, yes, I'm on me way, right now, ta-ta!
  • Billy: Thanks, Thomas! I owe you one! Thomas will get back to Shining Time quicker than I could. With a bit of luck he'll see RS Mr. Conductor or someone. You all right?
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Oh, I'm okay. I'll just have to sit it out; no choice.
  • Billy: That's right. Oh, I was afraid of that. Heat's beginning to build up.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: I didn't like to say it, but I thought...
  • Billy: Don't, don't worry, GC Mr. Conductor, we'll get you out of there in no time.
  • (Heat begins to build up in the wet logs)
  • GC Mr. Conductor: I do hope Thomas gets help soon.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oi, Thomas, are you in trouble?
  • Thomas: No, you are, RS Mr. Conductor! GC Mr. Conductor's trapped in a log jam!
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oh! Where?
  • Thomas: Well, he's just up the line!
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oh, right. I'm on my way, thanks!
  • Thomas: Good luck out there, Mr. C; you'll need it!

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