RS Mr. Conductor and GC Mr. Conductor meet Max, a jinxed old man.


  • RS Mr. Conductor as Ten Cents
  • GC Mr. Conductor as Sunshine
  • Max as Boomer


  • JB King (Narrating): One night, out on the tracks, RS Mr. Conductor and GC Mr. Conductor spotted an old man they'd never seen before. His name was Max. He was just drifting. Realizing he could be in trouble, they approached him cautiously. He was out of stamina, and could not go on much further. A rope was alongside him. He had no collar or ticket. It seemed no one owned him.
  • Max: Keep away, just leave me alone, please.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Look, we can't. You're drifting on a busy railroad. That's dangerous.
  • Max: Even better.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Eh, we'll have to take you in.
  • Max: Just leave me be. I don't want any help.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Why? Why not?
  • Max: Because, well, because I'm a Jinx. I'm bad luck. Nobody wants a jinx.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oh, rubbish! There's no such thing as a jinx.
  • Max: Oh, isn't there? You'll soon find out. Stand off me.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Look, jinx or not, we have to take you in. These railroad tracks have to be kept clear.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Aye, JB King will do something.
  • Max: No he won't, nobody can. Jinxes just happen. I just shouldn't have been an old man.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Uh, have you always been like this?
  • Max: My name used to be Captain Bert. It was good then in those days. Then I was sold. They put me in a retirement home and called me 'Max'. Ever since then, nothing but trouble.
  • JB King (Narrating): Heh, Max was right. RS Mr. Conductor had set off ahead, when to everyone's amazement, the rope unwound and fell behind him.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: How did that happen? Oi, did you do that?
  • Max: Can't have, can I? It's you that's lost your end of the rope. I'm still holding my end.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Ah, he's right, RS Mr. Conductor. That's the first sign of a jinx I've ever seen.
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Yeah, well, It won't happen again. Look, come on, the sooner we get you to JB King, the better.

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