Dr. Robotnik tells Mr. Double, Bull, Biff, Buster and Schemee to get the Rainbow Sun contract.


  • Dr. Robotnik (from AOSTH) as Captain Zero
  • Mr. Conductor’s Evil Twin (Mr. Double) as Zorran
  • Bull as Zebedee (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Biff as Zak
  • Buster the Bully as Zip
  • Schemee as Zug (Non-Speaking Role)


  • JB King (Narrating): Our biggest rival in those days was Dr. Robotnik. With his villains, he was always looking for ways to get further ahead.
  • Dr. Robotnik : Now listen to me, and listen good! The Shining Timers are about to get the Rainbow Sun contract, and I'm not happy!
  • Mr. Double: We're not smiling, Dr. Robotnik!
  • Dr. Robotnik : I'm glad you don't find it funny, Mr. Double. Now I want that contract, and you are going to get it for me!
  • Buster: But how? I thought that...
  • Dr. Robotnik : I don't expect you to think! You're a team, the best, the better-looking, more powerful, and dare I say, more devious.
  • Biff: I like that bit about better looking!
  • Buster: Yes, but what's devious?
  • Dr. Robotnik : What's devious is what's necessary to make an honest living in these days of corruption and bad business ethics! Now get moving and get that Rainbow Sun contract, there's no time to lose!
  • Mr. Double: No problem, that bunch of claptrap workers are gonna find they missed the train or I'm not Mr. Conductor’s Evil Twin.
  • Buster: But you are Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin, aren't you?

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