Hobart Hume III gives orders to RS Mr. Conductor and scraps his fuel drum.


  • RS Mr. Conductor as Ten Cents
  • Hobart Hume III as Bluenose


  • Hobart Hume III: Ahoy! Ahoy there! Ahoy! You, with the fuel drum, you're in my way, and you're idle. I don't like idle conductors, so move and move fast! That is an order!
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oi! Oi! You naval twit! You scraped a brand new drum, deliberately!
  • Hobart Hume III: I gave an order to move out of my way, and its obviously most undisciplined I've ever walked in! If I order you to jump, you jump! and that drum is conscripted for a naval purpose, and if I want to scrape it, I will! I'll scrape you, too, if you don't get to your post on time!
  • RS Mr. Conductor: I'm always on time, and you know it!
  • Hobart Hume III: Aye, you'd better be, or I'll have your sparkle taken away! It's about time you fancy Shining Timers started living up to your name, now! And get some energy in your body and start moving! Mobilization! That is what I want, Mobilization!
  • RS Mr. Conductor: Oi! Oi, Oi, you, come back here! Oi! You just scraped it again! Wait! (Sighs) Villains are bad enough, but Hobart Hume, he's something else.

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