Felix asks a tow into Springfield from Mr. Double, but Mr. Double says no. Then, they both see ghosts.


  • Felix as Izzy Gomez
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Mr. Double as Zorran


  • JB King (Narrating): Felix Perez, the bus driver, had failed all day to get a cheap tow into Shining Time, so he decided to try and sneak in for free, with the help of the fog.
  • Mr. Double: Hello, hello.
  • Felix: Oh...
  • Mr. Double: Ha ha! You never learn, do you, Felix? Eh? Ha ha! Oh, crime doesn't pay, you know?
  • Felix: Oh, what you talk about?
  • Mr. Double: Slipping into Shining Time on your own without a tow? Well, I hope you run aground, I'll be there, you'll be my salvage!
  • Felix: Hey, I no salvage! Okay, 50, most I give you for a tow.
  • Mr. Double: Hey? Get lost, not for 500! You'll be worth more dead!
  • Felix: Well, I did ask about a tow and I did not get a tow, so...
  • Mr. Double: That Felix. I'll get him one day... Anyway, heh, with luck, there should be a few distress calls today, eh? Heh. Suckers always pay at least double to get them out of trouble. Aha. This looks like money. Ahoy! You need a tow into Shining Time? Eh? Eh? Ahoy? You there ahead of me? I'm hailing you! Give you a fair price, get you into town sa... safe? (Sees what look like ghosts) There's no sound. What's going on? It can't be! No! It's the ghosts! It's Billy Twofeathers' ghost train! Oh, no! They're coming to get me! Oh! I'll leave you alone, lads, don't touch me!
  • Felix: It's very foggy. Boy, if I see nobody, nobody can see me. Hmmm. So I get into Shining Time free. It's good. Eh, you watch where you're going. Why they don't answer? It's funny. (Sees what looks like ghosts) Aye Carumba! It's ghosts! Oh, don't take me! I got a tow already, it's on it's way, please don't take me!
  • JB King (Narrating): The ghost engine slid silently into the fog. Mr. Double was so shaken, he sailed round in a circle and met Felix again.
  • (Mr. Double bumps into Felix)
  • Mr. Double: Oh, uh, uh, oh, ah, oh, it's you. Uh, heh, not gotten far, have you?
  • Felix: Amigo, give me a tow, I pay what you want, any price you say.
  • Mr. Double: Uh, no, Felix, My old friend, uh, I'll tow you you in for free, I need some company getting back to Shining Time. Heh heh.

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