Barton Winslow offers Felix Perez a tow into Shining Time, but Felix refuses the offer.


  • Barton Winslow as Warrior
  • Felix Perez as Izzy Gomez


  • Barton: Hey, there's Felix! I'll get a bonus if I can tow him as well. Ahoy! Felix, wake up!
  • Felix: Si! What time is it? Oh, Barton, it's you.
  • Barton: Want a tow? Give you a good price.
  • Felix: Aye aye aye, you wake me up to tell me funny jokes, eh?
  • Barton: It's no joke! I'll give you a special rate, say $100?
  • Felix: Not even for ten, Gringo. Now you wake me so early, I have all this daylight, and the city very calm.
  • Barton: What? You wouldn't think of going in on your own, would you?
  • Felix: Maybe I do, maybe I don't.
  • Barton: You, you are crazy, Felix. Risking in going on your own for a measly hundred.
  • (Felix grumbles)
  • Barton: Anyway, it's against the law!
  • (Barton bumps into Felix)
  • Felix: Aye aye aye!"
  • (Barton Whistles)
  • Felix: I think she is less missed, then you tow me, eh, Barton? Eh heh heh!

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