Barton Winslow talks to GC Mr. Conductor, Harvey and Midge Smoot.


  • Barton Winslow as Warrior
  • GC Mr. Conductor as Sunshine
  • Midge Smoot as Pearl
  • Harvey (from Thomas & Friends) as Little Ditcher
  • JB King as Captain Star (Mentioned)


  • JB King (Narrating): GC Mr. Conductor, Harvey and Midge Smoot were out digging in the estuary. Now, this was a job GC Mr. Conductor usually enjoyed.
  • Barton: (Humming) Making good time, all going well...
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Oh, do you hear that? Stop digging! Uh, I see Barton Winslow!
  • Barton: Oh. Morning, fellas, and Midge Smoot. It looks like it's gonna be a great day.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Hey, look out! (Barton's rock cargo bumps into him) Oh, hey, whoops. What you doing?
  • Barton: Oh, you noticed. No more garbage for me, at least for now. JB King's put me on the rock contract for the new road. Just wants what's to be expected, really, me, such a powerful man and all. Well, gotta go now. Bye!
  • GC Mr. Conductor and Midge Smoot: Congratulations, Barton!
  • (Barton's rock cargo bumps into Harvey)
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Oh, dear me. Harvey, are you all right?
  • Harvey: Just a bit dizzy.
  • GC Mr. Conductor: Hey, you gotta laugh at this. Look, Midge, he's gonna become the first crane engine merry-go-round!
  • Harvey: Thanks a lot, Barton!
  • Barton: Can't stop! Bye!

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