Harry Cupper and Billy Twofeathers meet Matt and they talk about dynamite.


  • Matt as Billy Shoepack
  • Harry Cupper as OJ
  • Billy Twofeathers as Big Mac


  • JB King (Narrating): A Jones kid named Matt worked in Doodle Haven, delivering essentials like gasoline, ropes, fuses, and dynamite, from Shining Time to Muffle Mountain. Why a Jones kid? Well, you can see he's just as smart, and in Matt's case, just as dangerous.
  • Harry: Oh, look who's here. It's Matt Jones.
  • Matt: Hey, Shining Timers, don't you wish you carried something more exciting than wood?
  • Billy: No thanks. Just get stuff away from here. You're welcome to it.
  • Matt: Dynamite's exciting stuff. Makes lovely big bangs. Fairly obvious if you know how to handle it, like I do.
  • Harry: Hey, you're not unloading next to us, are you?
  • Matt: Fraid' so, Harry. Don't worry. If it goes up, we all go up! (Giggles)
  • Billy: Yeah?
  • Matt: No, it's safe. Only joking.
  • Billy: You'd better be.

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