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Casts for Each Parody aren't almost just the same. But mostly like are RS Mr. Conductor as Thomas and GC Mr. Conductor as Percy. Here's a List.

Cast (No Barney or Tekken)

  • Thomas - Mr. Conductor (RS)/Mr. Conductor (GC)/Billy Twofeathers/Tito Swing/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/JB King/Sonic (from Sonic)/Ryu (from Street Fighter)/Dan/Mario (from Mario)/Homer (from The Simpsons)/Bart (from The Simpsons)
  • Edward - Mr. Nicholas/Edumd/Mr. Conductor (RS)/Mr. Conductor (GC)/Harry Cupper/Billy Twofeathers/Hercules (from TUGS)/Uncle Chuck (from Sonic)/Ned Flanders (from The Simpsons)/JB King/Luigi (from Mario)/Matt
  • Henry - Harry Cupper/Billy Twofeathers/Dan/Barton Winslow/Rex/Schemer/Warrior (from TUGS)/Barney Gumble (from The Simpsons)/Diddy Kong (from Mario)
  • Gordon - Billy Twofeathers/Harry Cupper/Big Mac (from TUGS)/Mr. Conductor (GC)/Tex/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Schemer/JB King/Tito Swing/Principal Skinner (from The Simpsons)/Donkey Kong (from Mario) (Hobart Hume can't be Gordon; Hobart Hume is an antagonist and Gordon is a protagonist)
  • James - Schemer/Moe (from The Simpsons)/Top Hat (from TUGS)/Antoine (from Sonic)/Barton Winslow/Tito/Billy Twofeathers/Matt/Ren (from Ren and Stimpy)/Oogtar (from Mario)/Dan
  • Percy - Mr. Conductor (GC)/Matt/Dan/Tails (from Sonic)/Sunshine (from TUGS)/Pluto (from Mickey Mouse)/Bart (from The Simpsons)/Yoshi (from Mario)/Goofy (from Mickey Mouse)/Prince Michael Mikey/Milhouse (from The Simpsons) (Schemer can't be Percy; Schemer is rude and Percy is friendly)
  • Toby - Matt/Edmund/Harry Cupper/OJ (from TUGS)/Grandpa Abe (from The Simpsons)/Toad (from Mario)
  • Duck - Barton Winslow/Dan/Matt/Mr. Conductor (GC)/Mayor Flopdinger/JB King/Rotor (from Sonic)/Ryu (from Street Fighter)/Billy Twofeathers
  • Donald - Tex/Rex/Rusty/Frank (from TUGS)/Eddie (from TUGS)/Lenny (from The Simpsons)/Carl (from The Simpsons)
  • Douglas - Rex/Tex/Rusty/Eddie (from TUGS)/Frank (from TUGS)/Carl (from The Simpsons/Lenny (from The Simpsons)
  • Oliver - Dan/RS Mr. Conductor/Kit/JB King/Mayor Flopdinger/Billy Twofeathers/Matt
  • Diesel - Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Buster King/Bull/Biff/Evil Worker 1/Evil Worker 2/Zorran (from TUGS)/Hobart Hume/Lord Zedd (from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)/Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons)/Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons)/Dr. Eggman (from Sonic)
  • Bill - Rod (from The Simpsons/Todd (from The Simpsons)/Schemee/Tex/Rex/Burke (from TUGS)/Blair (from TUGS)
  • Ben - Todd (from The Simpsons)/Rod (from The Simpsons)/Schemee/Rex/Tex/Blair (from TUGS)/Burke (from TUGS)
  • BoCo - Tucker/Harry Cupper/Tito Swing/Robby The Robot/Fire Tug (from TUGS)/Billy Twofeathers/RS Mr. Conductor/Boomhauer (from King of the Hill)/Dr. Hibbert (from The Simpsons)/Vector (from Sonic)
  • Daisy - Vickie/Midge Smoot/Stacy Jones/DiDi/Kara/Carla (from Theodore Tugboat)/Breezie (from Sonic)/Tanya
  • Mavis - Kara/Tanya/Stacy Jones/Becky/Sally Seaplane (from TUGS)/Rouge (from Sonic)
  • Stepney - Amazo The Great/Dan
  • Emily - Stacy Jones/Becky/Kimberly Hart (from MMPR)/Trini Kwan (from MMPR)/Kara
  • Bertie - Felix/Matt/Puffa (from TUGS)
  • Salty - Salty (from Salty's Lighthouse)/The Sea Captain (from The Simpsons)/Mayor Flopdinger
  • Harvey - Little Ditcher (from TUGS)/Barry Prince
  • Arry - Bull/Biff/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Buster King/Evil Worker 1/Evil Worker 2/Zebedee (from TUGS)/Zak (from TUGS)/Scratch (from Sonic)
  • Bert - Biff/Bull/Buster King/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Evil Worker 2/Evil Worker 1/Zak (from TUGS)/Zebedee (from TUGS)/Grounder (from Sonic)
  • Fergus - Jake Scoop/The Coast Guard (from TUGS)/Mr. Smithers (from The Simpsons)
  • Skarloey - Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Mr. Conductor (GC)/Matt/Dan/Felix/Billy Twofeathers/Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse)/Prince Michael Mikey/Tucker/Tito Swing
  • Rheneas - Sunshine (from TUGS)/Tails (from Sonic)/Matt/Dan/Rex/Pluto (from Mickey Mouse)/Barry Prince
  • Sir Handel - Big Mac (from TUGS)/Top Hat (from TUGS)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Mr. Conductor (RS)/Dan/Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse)/Kit/Tex/Rex/Billy Twofeathers/Harry Cupper
  • Peter Sam - Warrior (from TUGS)/Ray (from Sonic)/Amazo the Great/Rusty/Goofy (from Mickey Mouse)/Rex/Tex/Harry Cupper/Billy Twofeathers
  • Rusty - OJ (from TUGS)/Big Mac (from TUGS)/Silver (from Sonic)/Tex/Rusty/Kit/Chip/Dale (from Mickey Mouse)/Tito Swing
  • Duncan - Schemee/Top Hat (from TUGS)/Nantucket (from TUGS)/Antione (from Sonic)/Willie the Giant (from Mickey Mouse)/Schemer/Buster King/Hobart Hume
  • Duke - Hercules (from TUGS)/OJ (from TUGS)/Mayor Flopdinger/Rex/Salty (from Salty's Lighthouse)/Rusty/Louie (from Mickey Mouse)
  • Freddie - Edmund/Grampus (from TUGS)
  • Bulgy - Evil Worker 1/Buster King/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Bull/Biff/Hobart Hume
  • Rosie - Tanya/Kara/Becky/Stacy Jones
  • Murdoch - Barton Winslow/Hank (from Hank of the Hill)/Billy Twofeathers/Robby the Robot/RS Mr. Conductor/Principal Skinner (from The Simpsons)
  • Spencer - Hobart Hume/Buster King/Schemee/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Mayor Quimby (from The Simpsons) (Billy Twofeathers and Barton Winslow can't be Spencer; Billy and Barton are protagonists and Spencer is an antagonist)
  • Diesel 10 - Zorran (from TUGS)/Lord Zedd (from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Hobart Hume/Dr. Eggman (from Sonic)/Buster King
  • Dennis - Goofy (from Mickey Mouse)/Schemer/Billy Twofeathers/RS Mr. Conductor/Robby the Robot/Felix/Izzy Gomez (from TUGS)
  • The Diesel/D261 - Nantucket (from TUGS)/Johnny Cuba (from TUGS)/Bowser (from Mario)/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Buster King/Hobart Hume/Bull/Biff
  • Molly - Becky/Tanya/Kara/Stacy Jones
  • Bulstrode - Johnny Cuba (from TUGS)/Buster King/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Hobart Hume
  • George - Buster King/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/An Evil Worker/Zorran (from TUGS)/Darth Vader (from Star Wars)/Bull/Biff/Hobart Hume
  • The Spiteful Brakevan- Eric Cartman (from South Park)/Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin/Buster King/Hobart Hume/Bull/Biff/Evil Worker 1/Evil Worker 2/Stewie Griffin (from Family Guy)

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