Shining Time Station/Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a Parody with Shining Time Station Pictures and Thomas and the Magic Railroad sounds.


  • Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr) as Thomas
  • Harry Cupper as Henry
  • Billy Twofeathers as Gordon
  • Schemer as James
  • Mr. Conductor (George Carlin) as Percy
  • Matt as Toby
  • Mr. Conductor's Sister as Lady
  • Sledgebolt as Diesel 10
  • The Evil Workers as Splattler and Dodge
  • Felix as Bertie
  • Mayor Flopdinger as Harold
  • Thomas as Mr. Conductor (Alec Bladwin)
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • Percy as Patch
  • Lady as Lily
  • James as C. Junior
  • Gordon as Billy Twofeathers
  • Diesel as PT Boomer
  • Toby as Burnett Stone
  • Bertie as Mutt


  • Sledgebolt: Ah Ha There's Mr. Counductor And Look What He's Doing, Evil Workers Come and Destroy
  • Mr. Conductor; Run Mr. Conductor's Sister Quickly And I'm Gonna Help You
  • Toby: So Am I Mr. Conductor's Sister I'm Gonna Let You Down Again
  • Thomas: Watch Out For The Bridge It's Dangerous
  • Mr. Conductor's Sister and Mr. Conductor: (Running for Their Lifes)
  • Sledgebolt; (Evil Laugh)
  • Thomas; Ahhh
  • James; What's The Matter
  • Thomas; Mr. Conductor's Sister That Girls Name Is Mr. Conductor's Sister. She's Part of The Clue To Source Of
  • Thomas and James; Shining Time Station AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Sledgebolt; NOW I'LL GET YOU TOBY
  • Toby; No You Won't Cause The Magic You Refuse To Let That GET THE BETTER OF YOU
  • More Coming Soon

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