here are episode ideas for STS:TAS

Featured Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters


The Big Schemer

When the Conductor's magic dusts get into Schemer's milk he begins to get bigger and bigger until he becomes as big as Shining Time Station


  • Thomas Stories: Gordon & the Famous Visitor (told by Alec Baldwin) and James in a Mess (told by Ringo Starr)
  • First Time Shining Time Station is an Animated Series
  • Jukebox Song: abilene

Jerry Gets Stuck

When Jerry's leg gets stuck in Schemer's machines everyone trys to get him unstuck but nothing works


  • Thomas Stories: Edward, Trevor & the Really Useful Party and Home at Last (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  • Mr. Conductor [RS] is absent in this episode
  • Jukebox Song: Never Never Give Up!

Becky's Scooter Accident

The kids at Shining Time Station get new scooters. Becky is so ecaited to ride her's that she dosen't listen to safety tips and when she rides it, she falls off. And now, she's too scare to ride it again. But, the conductors tell her that she should try again.


  • Thomas Stories: Daisy and Percy's Predicament (both told by Ringo Starr)
  • Jukebox Song: bounce back

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