Ever Wonder what Shining Time Station would look like if it was in CGI? well here you go everyone these are episodes that are in CGI & the Thomas stories are still in. Each season will have 21 episodes. In Seasons 1 and 2, each episode will have two Thomas stories. Starting at Season 3, some episodes will have only one Thomas story while others will have two Thomas stories and some Thomas stories will be repeated once. Only Thomas stories from Seasons 1-7 can be used. No stories from Season 8-present allowed.


Major Characters

  • Mr. Conductor (voiced by George Carlin)
  • Stacy Jones (voiced by Didi Conn)
  • Schemer (voiced by Brian O'Connor)
  • Kara (voiced by Erica Lutterell)
  • Dan (voiced by Ari Magder)
  • Becky (voiced by Danielle Marcot)
  • Billy Twofeathers (voiced by Tom Jackson)
  • The Jukebox Band:
    • Tito Swing (voiced by Jonathan Freeman)
    • Didi (voiced by Olga Marin)
    • Tex (voiced by Rory Dodd)
    • Rex (voiced by Craig Marin)
    • Grace (voiced by Beverly Glenn)

Minor Characters

  • JB King (voiced by Mart Hulswit)
  • Mayor Flopdinger (voiced by Jerome Dempsey)
  • Harry Cupper (voiced by Leonard Jackson)
  • Matt (voiced by Jason Woliner)
  • Tanya (voiced by Nicole Leach)
  • Midge Smoot (voiced by Bobo Lewis)
  • Ginny (voiced by Barbara Hamilton)
  • Schemee (voiced by Jonathan Shapiro)
  • Barton Winslow (voiced by Gerald Parkes)
  • Felix Perez (voiced by Aurelio Padron)
  • Mr. Conductor's Cousin (voiced by Ringo Starr)


Season 1

  1. Being a Good Friend - Thomas Stories: Thomas Gets Tricked and Edward Helps Out (both told by George Carlin)
  2. Schemer's New Car - Thomas Stories: Bertie's Chase and Trouble For Thomas (both told by George Carlin)
  3. The Rainbow Sun Breaks Down - Thomas Stories: Double Teething Troubles (told by Alec Baldwin) and Better Late Than Never (told by George Carlin)
  4. Stacy's New Uniform - Thomas Stories: Thomas Saves The Day (told by George Carlin) and Buffer Bother (told by Alec Baldwin)
  5. Schemer the Scaredy Cat - Thomas Stories: Come Out, Henry! and Henry To The Rescue (both told by George Carlin)
  6. Mr. Conductor's Tuba - Thomas Stories: Edward's Brass Band (told by Michael Brandon) and Thomas, Percy & The Squeak (told by Alec Baldwin)
  7. Stacy & Billy's Argument - Thomas Stories: One Good Turn (told by George Carlin) and Twin Trouble (told by Alec Baldwin)
  8. Schemer Goes Mountain Climbing - Thomas Stories: Gallant Old Engine (told by George Carlin) and Rheneas & The Roller Coaster (told by Michael Brandon)
  9. Billy & The Farm Animals - Thomas Stories: A Cow On The Line (told by George Carlin) and Toby Had A Little Lamb (told by Alec Baldwin)
  10. Construction Work & Cousin Visits - Thomas Stories: Jack Jumps In and A Friend In Need (both told by Michael Angelis)
  11. Shining Time Talent Show - Thomas Stories: Special Attraction and Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party (both told by George Carlin)
  12. The Night Shift - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy & The Mail Train and The Flying Kipper (both told by George Carlin)
  13. Schemer's Luck - Thomas Stories: James & The Queen of Sodor (told by Michael Brandon) and A Proud Day For James (told by George Carlin)
  14. Haunted Train - Thomas Stories: Percy's Ghostly Trick (told by George Carlin) and Duncan Gets Spooked (told by Alec Baldwin)
  15. Dan Learns Chinese - Thomas Stories: Salty's Secret and Gordon & The Gremlin (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  16. Schemer The Engineer - Thomas Stories: A Big Day For Thomas and The Runaway (both told by George Carlin)
  17. Too Much For Stacy - Thomas Stories: Old Iron (told by George Carlin) and No Sleep For Cranky (told by Alec Baldwin)
  18. Harry Helps Out - Thomas Stories: Saved From Scrap and A New Friend For Thomas (both told by Ringo Starr)
  19. Schemer's Family Reunion - Thomas Stories: A Bad Day For Sir Handel (told by George Carlin) and Bill, Ben & Fergus (told by Michael Brandon)
  20. Schemer's New Jukebox - Thomas Stories: Edward The Very Useful Engine (told by Alec Baldwin) and A Scarf For Percy (told by George Carlin)
  21. Stacy's Birthday - Thomas Stories: Lady Hatt's Birthday Party (told by Alec Baldwin) and Thomas Meets The Queen (told by George Carlin)

Season 2

  1. A Strange Visitor Part 1 - Thomas Stories: Rusty To The Rescue and Thomas & Stepney (both told by George Carlin)
  2. A Strange Visitor Part 2 - Thomas Stories: Train Stops Play and Bowled Out (both told by George Carlin)
  3. Schemer's Bet - Thomas Stories: Dunkin Duncan (told by Alec Baldwin) and Gordon & Spencer (told by Michael Brandon)
  4. Billy The Hero - Thomas Stories: Edward's Exploit and Heroes (both told by George Carlin)
  5. Stacy's Bad Hair Day - Thomas Stories: Faulty Whistles (told by Alec Baldwin) and Henry's Special Coal (told by George Carlin)
  6. The Circus Comes To Shining Time - Thomas Stories: Henry & The Elephent (told by George Carlin) and Make Someone Happy (told by Alec Baldwin)

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