Shining Time Station (2014 version) is a fan fiction show created by ESF1995. The series focuses on Mr. Conductor (played by Mark Moraghan) who tells Thomas stories from Season 17 onwards and renarrate "Snow Tracks" from Season 13 and magazine stories from Seasons 3 and 5.


The Series revolves around three teenagers who one day meet Mr. Conductor (played by Mark Moraghan, who tells them Thomas stories relating to their problems, from Season 17 onwards the magazine stories from Season 3 and 5)


  • Mr. Conductor (played by Mark Moraghan)
  • Tim (played by Noah Munck)
  • Georgia (played by Miranda Cosgrove)
  • Harry (played by Joey Luthman)

Guest Stars

  • Stacy Jones
  • Harry Cupper
  • Matt
  • Tanya

Season 1 (2014)

  1. Three Friends and a Conductor - Thomas Stories: Wayward Winston and Thomas' Shortcut (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 3rd 2014)
  2. A Close Shot - Thomas Story: Bill or Ben? (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 4th 2014)
  3. Tim To The Rescue - Thomas Stories: Gordon Runs Dry and No More Mr. Nice Engine (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 5th 2014)
  4. Shoes, Heels, Sandals and Boots - Thomas Stories: The Thomas Way and No Snow For Thomas (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 6th 2014)
  5. Got The Call? - Thomas Stories: Kevin's Cranky Friend and The Lost Puff (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 7th 2014)
  6. Is That So? - Thomas Stories: The Phantom Express (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 10th 2014)
  7. For Girls Only - Thomas Story: Too Many Fire Engines (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 11th, 2014)
  8. The Clean Machine- Thomas Story: Scruff's Makeover (told by Mark Moraghan, March 12th 2014)
  9. Sea Escapades - Thomas Story: Away from The Sea and The Smelly Kipper (told by Mark Moraghan, March 13th 2014)
  10. Harry's Big Game - Thomas Story: Luke's New Friend (told by Mark Moraghan, March 14th, 2014)
  11. The Clue - Thomas Story: Snow Tracks (told by Mark Moraghan, March 17th, 2014)
  12. Calm Down Georgia- Thomas Story: Calm Down Caitlin (told by Mark Moraghan, March 18th 2014)
  13. Hideous - Thomas Stories: The Switch and The Frozen Turntable (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 19th, 2014)
  14. A Certain Excuse - Thomas Stories: Henry's Hero (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 20th, 2014)
  15. Traffic - Thomas Stories: Steamie Stafford and Not Now Charlie (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 21st 2014)
  16. Christmas Fishing - Thomas Stories: Gone Fishing and Santa's Little Engine (both told by Mark Moraghan, March 24st, 2014)
  17. Mr. Conductor's Lucky Day- Thomas Story: Percy's Lucky Day (told by Mark Moraghan, March 25th 2014)
  18. Snow Storm- Thomas Story: No Snow for Thomas (told by Mark Moraghan. March 26th 2014)
  19. The Afternoon Tea Party- Thomas Story: The Afternoon Tea Express (told by Mark Moraghan. March 27th 2014)
  20. The Christmas Thief- Thomas Story: The Missing Christmas Decorations (told by Mark Moraghan, March 28th 2014)

Season 2 (2014)

  1. Tim's New Friend- Thomas Stories: Disappearing Diesels (told by Mark Moraghan, 1st June 2014)
  2. Getting Dusty- Thomas Stories: Thomas the Quarry Engine (told by Mark Moraghan, 2nd June 2014)
  3. The Adventure at the Museum- Thomas Story: Toad's Adventure (told by Mark Moraghan, 3rd June 2014)
  4. The Ghost of Shining Time- Thomas Story: Flatbeds of Fear (told by Mark Moraghan, 4th June 2014)
  5. Mr. Speedy- Thomas Story: Not So Slow Coaches (told by Mark Moraghan, 5th June 2014)

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