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"Late Specials" is in late 1995, Mr. Conductor (Michael Angelis), Matt, Tanya, Harry, Becky and Vickie.

  • Playing It Safe (Thomas Stories: A Scarf For Percy and Percy's Promise) (Juke Box Band Song: Walk Across The Street)
  • My Family's Just Right For Me (Thomas Stories: Time For Trouble and Gordon and The Famous Visitor) (Juke Box Band Song: My Family's Just Right For Me)
  • Four Seasons Day (Thomas Stories: Donald's Duck and Thomas Gets Bumped) (Juke Box Band Song: Four Seasons Day)
  • Going Places! (Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy and The Dragon and Diesel Does It Again) (Juke Box Band Song: The Wheels On The Bus)
  • Oh, What A Day! (Thomas Stories: Henry's Forest and The Trouble With Mud) (Juke Box Band Song: This Is Not My Day)
  • Carnival Of Numbers (Thomas Stories: No Joke For James and Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train) (Juke Box Band Song: Carnival Of Numbers)
  • 1-2-3-4-5 Senses (Thomas Stories: Trust Thomas and Mavis) (Juke Box Band Song: Five Senses Song)
  • Hi, Neighbour! (Thomas Stories: Toby's Tightrope and Edward, Trevor and The Really Useful Party) (Juke Box Band Song: Hi, Neighbour!)
  • Our Earth, Our Home (Thomas Stories: James Goes Buzz Buzz and All At Sea) (Juke Box Band Song: Help Protect The Earth)
  • Down On Mr. Conductor's Farm (Thomas Stories: One Good Turn and Tender Engines) (Juke Box Band Song: Down On Grandpa's Farm)
  • What's That Shadow? (Thomas Stories: Escape and Oliver Owns Up) (Juke Box Band Song: The Shadow Song)
  • Caring Means Sharing (Thomas Stories: Bulgy and Heroes) (Juke Box Band Song: Taking Turns)
  • A Camping We Will Go! (Thomas Stories: Percy, James and The Fruitful Day and Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure) (Juke Box Band Song: A Camping We Will Go!)
  • Doctor Mr. Conductor Is Here (Thomas Stories: Granpuff and Bulldog) (Juke Box Band Song: The Doctor Is A Friend Of Mine)
  • I Just Love Bugs (Thomas Stories: You Can't Win and Sleeping Beauty) (Juke Box Band Song: Shoo Fly)
  • A World Of Music (Thomas Stories: Four Little Engines and A Bad Day For Sir Handel) (Juke Box Band Song: De Colores)
  • When I Grow Up... (Thomas Stories: Peter Sam and The Refreshment Lady and Rusty Helps Peter Sam) (Juke Box Band Song: When I Grow Up)
  • Practice Makes Music (Thomas Stories: Home At Last and Rock 'N' Roll) (Juke Box Band Song: Frere Jacques)
  • Be A Friend (Thomas Stories: Special Funnel and Steamroller) (Juke Box Band Song: The More We Get Together)
  • Mr. Conductor's Best Manners (Thomas Stories: Passengers and Pollish and The Gallant Old Engine) (Juke Box Band Song: Please and Thank You)
  • Mr. Conductor's Magical Musical Adventure (Thomas Stories: Rusty To The Rescue and Thomas and Stepney) (Juke Box Band Song: Castles So High)
  • Mr. Conductor Rhymes With Mother Goose (Thomas Stories: Train Stops Play and Bowled Out) (Juke Box Band Song: I'm Mother Goose)
  • The Queen Of Make-Believe (Thomas Stories: Henry and The Elephant and Thomas Meets The Queen) (Juke Box Band Song: I'm A Little Teapot)
  • The Treasure Of Rainbow Beard (Thomas Stories: Bulls Eyes and Thomas and The Special Letter) (Juke Box Band Song: The Rainbow Song)
  • Hola, Mexico! (Thomas Stories: Toad Stands By and Fish) (Juke Box Band Song: Tortilla Song)
  • Alphabet Soup! (Thomas Stories: Special Attraction and Mind That Bike) (Juke Box Band Song: Alphabet Soup!)
  • Rock Dreams (Thomas Story: Gordon Goes Foreign) (Juke Box Band Song: Time To Sing)

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