"Mr. Conductor's Prequel Thomas Tales" was in early, mid and late 2002.


  • E-I-E-I-O (Thomas Stories: Salty's Secret, Harvey To The Rescue, No Sleep For Cranky, A Bad Day For Harold and Henry To The Rescue, Thomas Music Video: James The Really Splendid Engine)
  • Books Are Fun! (Thomas Stories: Elizabeth The Vintage Quarry Truck, The Fogman, Jack Jumps In, A Friend In Need and It's Only Snow, Thomas Music Video: Little Engines)
  • Trading Places (Thomas Stories: Twin Trouble, The World's Strongest Engine, Scaredy Engines, Percy and The Haunted Mine and Middle Engine, Thomas Music Video: Down By The Docks)
  • Safety First! (Thomas Stories: James and The Red Balloon, Jack Frost, Gordon Takes A Tumble, Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Buffer Bother, Thomas Music Video: Winter Wonderland)
  • Circle Of Friends (Thomas Stories: Toby Had A Little Lamb, Thomas, Percy and The Squeak, Thomas and The Jet Engine, Edward The Really Useful Engine and Dunkin Duncan, Thomas Music Video: Boo! Boo! Choo Choo)
  • The One and Only You (Thomas Stories: Rusty Saves The Day, Faulty Whistles, Pop Goes The Diesel, Diesel's Devious Deed and A Close Shave For Duck, Thomas Music Video: Never, Never, Never Give Up)