"Season 10" was in 2006, Mr. Conductor (Michael Angelis), Matt, Harry, Tanya, Vickie and Becky.


  • Here Comes The Firetruck! (Thomas Stories: A Visit From Thomas and Jack Owns Up) (Juke Box Band Song: Do Some Exercise)
  • Ready, Set, Go! (Thomas Stories: On Site With Thomas and Percy's Scary Tale) (Juke Box Band Song: Hey, Look At Me! I Can Fly!)
  • You Are Special (Thomas Stories: Kelly's Windy Day and A Happy Day For Percy) (Juke Box Band Song: Ring Around The Rosie)
  • All Aboard! (Thomas Stories: A Tale For Thomas and Thomas and The Moles) (Juke Box Band Song: The Idea Song)
  • Up, Down and Around! (Thomas Stories: Percy Helps Out and The Tortoise and The Hare) (Juke Box Band Song: Up Is Up and Down Is Down)
  • Tea-riffic Manners (Thomas Stories: Thomas' Trusty Friends and Alfie Has Kittens) (Juke Box Band Song: Polly Put The Kettle On)
  • Puppy Love (Thomas Story: Mud, Glorious Mud) (Juke Box Band Song: Leg Over Leg)
  • Bunches Of Boxes (Thomas Stories: No Dozer Is An Island and Friendship Story) (Juke Box Band Song: A Tisket, A Tasket)
  • Stop! Go! (Thomas Stories: Safety First and Treasure Hunt) (Juke Box Band Song: A Big Parade Of Costumes)
  • Red, Yellow and Blue! (Thomas Stories: Snow Rescue and Bossy Byron) (Juke Box Band Song: Little Boy Blue)
  • Play For Exercise! (Thomas Stories: The Importance Of Being Patrick and Pop Goes The Diesel) (Juke Box Band song: Run, Run In One Place)
  • Come Blow Your Horn! (Thomas Stories: Jack and The Quack and Alfie Has A Secret) (Juke Box Band Song: Music Is For Everyone)
  • A New Friend (Thomas Stories: Isobella Gets Steamed and Jack and Alfie Swap) (Juke Box Band Song: I'm A Happy Helper)
  • Numbers! Numbers! (Thomas Story: Kelly's Heroes) (Juke Box Band Song: The Pudding Song)