"Season 11" was in mid 2006, Mr. Conductor (Michael Brandon), Dan, Billy Twofeathers, Kara and Becky.


  • This Way In! This Way Out! (Thomas Stories: A Visit From Thomas and Jack Owns Up) (Juke Box Band Song: In and Out The Circle)
  • Spring Into Fun! (Thomas Stories: On Site With Thomas and Percy's Scary Tale) (Juke Box Band Song: Patter Of The Rain)
  • Play It Safe! (Thomas Stories: Kelly's Windy Day and A Happy Day For Percy) (Juke Box Band Song: Ride Away, Ride Away)
  • Three Lines, Three Corners (Thomas Stories: A Tale For Thomas and Thomas and The Moles) (Juke Box Band Song: Shapes)
  • A Parade Of Bikes (Thomas Stories: Percy Helps Out and The Tortoise and The Hare) (Juke Box Band Song: The Wheels On The Bike)
  • It's A Happy Day! (Thomas Stories: Thomas' Trusty Friends and Alfie Has Kittens) (Juke Box Band Song: This Little Piggy)
  • My Family and Me (Thomas Story: Mud, Glorious Mud) (Juke Box Band Song: Me and My Family)
  • Splish! Splash! (Thomas Stories: No Dozer Is An Island and Freindship Story) (Juke Box Band Song: Splash and Sprinkle)
  • Schemer's Really Cool House (Thomas Stories: Safety First and Treasure Hunt) (Juke Box Band Song: My Very Cool House)
  • A Fountain Of Fun (Thomas Stories: Snow Rescue and Bossy Byron) (Juke Box Band Song: The Bear Went Over The Mountain)
  • On Again, Off Again (Thomas Stories: The Importance Of Being Patrick and Pop Goes The Diesel) (Juke Box Band Song: A Silly Hat)
  • Sharing Is Caring! (Thomas Stories: Jack and The Quack and Alfie Has A Secret) (Juke Box Band Song: Taking Turns)
  • Here Kitty, Kitty! (Thomas Stories: Isobella Gets Steamed and Jack and Alfie Swap) (Juke Box Band Song: Lookie! It's A Cookie!)
  • Once Upon A Fairy Tale (Thomas Story: Kelly's Heroes) (Juke Box Band Song: We've Made Shoes)