"Season 9" was in early and mid 2003, Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin), Dan, Billy Twofeathers, Kara and Becky.


  • A Very Special Mouse (Thomas Stories: Emily's New Coaches and Percy Gets It Right) (Juke Box Band Song: That's What An Island Is)
  • A Package Of Friendship (Thomas Stories: Bill, Ben and Fergus and The Old Iron Bridge) (Juke Box Band Song: The Mr. Conductor Bag)
  • Stick With Imagination! (Thomas Stories: Edward's Brass Band and What's The Matter With Henry?) (Juke Box Band Song: Just Imagine)
  • Itty Bitty Bugs (Thomas Stories: James and The Queen Of Sodor and The Refreshment Lady's Stand) (Juke Box Band Song: Shoo Fly)
  • Grandparents Are Grand (Thomas Stories: The Spotless Record and Toby and The Windmill) (Juke Box Band Song: I'd Love To Sail)
  • Snack Time! (Thomas Stories: Bad Day At Castle Loch and Rheneas and The Roller Coaster) (Juke Box Band Song: The Popcorn Song)
  • A Sunny, Snowy Day (Thomas Stories: Salty's Stormy Tale and Oliver The Snow Engine) (Juke Box Band Song: Ten Little Snowflakes)
  • You've Got To Have Art (Thomas Stories: Something Fishy and The Runaway Elephant) (Juke Box Band Song: Clean Up)
  • Five Kinds Of Fun! (Thomas Stories: Peace and Quiet and Thomas and The Search For Fergus) (Juke Box Band Song: The Five Senses Song)
  • Count Me In! (Thomas Stories: Bulgy Rides Again and Harold and The Flying Horse) (Juke Box Band Song: Sharing Together)
  • Who's Who At The Zoo? (Thomas Stories: The Grand Opening and Best Dressed Engine) (Juke Box Band Song: What Will We See At The Zoo?)
  • Birthday Ole (Thomas Stories: Gordon and Spencer and Not So Hasty Cakes) (Juke Box Band Song: Hooray! It's Your Birthday)
  • Excellent Exercise! (Thomas Stories: Trusty Rusty and Hooray For Thomas) (Juke Box Band Song: Exercising Won't You Come and Join Me?)