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"TV Family Specials" was in 1995.

  • Once Upon A Time
  • Second Chances
  • One Of The Family
  • Queen For A Day
  • Desert Giant (Thomas Stories: Rusty Helps Peter Sam and Special Funnel) (Juke Box Band Songs: Oklahoma and The Plainsmen)
  • Ancient Places Sacred Lands (Thomas Stories: Steamroller and Bowled Out) (Juke Box Band Songs: Ancient Places Sacred Lands and Over In The Meadow)
  • Things To Do "Rap" (Thomas Stories: Train Stops Play and You Can't Win) (Juke Box Band Songs: Things To Do "Rap" and Golden Fiddle Waltz)
  • Check It Out (Thomas Stories: Home At Last and Rock 'N' Roll) (Juke Box Band Songs: Check It Out and Sally Goodin)
  • Roots (Thomas Stories: Bulldog and Henry & The Elephant) (Juke Box Band Songs: Shuckin The Bush and Luzenda Waltz)
  • Eat, Drink and Be Healthy (Thomas Stories: Passengers and Pollish and Gallant Old Engine) (Juke Box Band Songs: Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow and Silly Supper)
  • Schemer & The School Trip (Thomas Stories: Four Little Engines and Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady) (Juke Box Band Songs: Engine Song and Alive, Awake, Alert)
  • Do I See? (Thomas Stories: Bull's Eyes and Mind That Bike) (Juke Box Band Songs: Tingalayo and Fais Dodo)
  • Dive To The Coral Reefs (Thomas Stories: Fish and A Bad Day For Sir Handel) (Juke Box Band Songs: Yellow Submarine and Baby Beluga)

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