Shining Time Station DVD Trailer Ideas is a fan fiction thing to do.

Trailer 1:

  • Announcer: want to know how Thomas the Tank Engine first began?
  • The Kids: [Sweet & Sour] YEAH!
  • Announcer: well now you can in the new DVDs of Shining Time Station
  • Schemer: [Schemer Alone] wow
  • Announcer: for 11 great years Shining Time Station was the most famous show ever made bringing Thomas the Tank Engine to America
  • Schemer: [Field Day] what does he want? is he begging for mercy? [laughs with Schemee]
  • Announcer: uh right now let's get on with meeting our new friends there's Stacy Jones
  • Stacy: [Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin] hello Shining Time Station Stacy Jones speaking
  • Announcer: Billy Twofeathers
  • Billy: [Becky Makes a Wish] what was that?! i would have sworn that was Mayor Flopdinger
  • Announcer: Schemer
  • Schemer: [Schemer's Special Club] what's that? perfer me to have some first? [titters] how ta-ta of you
  • Announcer: Dan, Becky & Kara
  • Becky: [The Magic is Believing] wow!
  • Announcer: and don't forget the musical band inside the jukebox
  • Didi: [Mr. Conductor's 4th of July] [singing] yankee doodle went to town a riding on a pony stuck a feather in his cap & called it macaroni!
  • Announcer: and featuring Mr. Conductor the 18 inch man who lives in Shining Time Station
  • Mr. Conductor: [Stacy Forgets her Name] i think it's time i told you about Thomas the Tank Engine [blows whistle & steam fills up room]
  • Announcer: and starring the number 1 blue tank engine Thomas & his friends!
  • Thomas: [Thomas Gets Bumped] thank you for looking after my passengers
  • Bertie: i do like company especially children's company
  • Announcer: and starring JB King, Mayor Flopdinger & much much more! & featuring Fraggle Rock's Gerry Parkes as Barton Winslow
  • Barton: [Win, Lose or Draw] these are not giveaways Schemer they were paid for by the children
  • Announcer: so bring all sorts of fun from Shining Time Station & bring them home so you can treasure them forever coming soon to DVD celebrating 10 years of Thomas & the Magic Railroad from HiT Entertainment
  • [Thomas' Whistle]

Trailer 2:

  • Announcer: All Aboard For excitement with the new Shining TIme Station Dvds
  • Schemer: [Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin] Good work almost as good as me
  • Announcer: The great award winning Shining Time Station dvds bring you memories, It's a graceful world fun never ends and you have fun.
  • Harry: [A Place Unlike Any Other] This could do nicely
  • Announcer: Join Schemer
  • Schemer: [The Jokes On Schemer] Don't make me laugh [laughs]
  • Announcer: Stacy Jones
  • Stacy: [And The Band Played Off] Thank You You're A real pal
  • Announcer: Dan, Becky & Kara
  • Kara: [Bad Luck Day At Shining Time Station] Do You think Scheeme will end up like Gordon did?
  • Announcer: Billy Twofeathers
  • Billy: [Scare Dares] Dan [Dan looks up] Hi Be Careful
  • Announcer: Mr. Conductor
  • Mr. Conductor: [How The Station Got It's Name] Paint the signal house get the picture
  • Announcer: The Juke Box Band
  • Tito: [Schemer Alone] Fare thee well fare thee well fare thee well my friendly fane for I'm going to Louisiana to see my Susieana singing Polly Wolly Doodle all the day
  • Announcer: And even Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Thomas: [A New Friend for Thomas] Now I understand how useful a traction engine can be
  • Announcer: And all their friends on your enjoyable Shining Time Station DVDs only at HiT Entertainment

Trailer 3:

  • Announcer:

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