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Shining Time Station Episode Ideas - Featuring Ringo Starr is a fan-fiction thing to make. Ringo Starr will narrate 25 episodes of Season 1 and 16 epsodes of Season 2 and renarrate the rest of Season 1-2 and Season 3-4.

Schemer In Jail


Schemer goes to Jail after stealing Stacy's french fries.


  • Thomas Stories: Edward's Exploit and Steam Roller.
  • The Jukebox Song: jamaican farewell

Mr. Conductor Cleans Up


Mr. Conductor accidently makes a mess and tries to clean it up.


  • Thomas Stories: Whistles and Sneezes and James In A Mess.
  • The Jukebox Song: 500 miles

Schemer's Bad Fall


Schemer falls off a cliff and breaks his arm.


  • Thomas Stories: A Bad Day For Sir Handel and Mavis.
  • JUKEBOXBAND SONG railroad corral

Schemer's Haunted House


Schemer tries to play pranks on Mr. Conductor and the gang.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy's Ghostly Trick and Woolly Bear.
  • jukeboxband song MIDNIGHT special

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