Episode 1: A Super Star is Born: Becky dreams about becoming the world's greatest karaoke singer in Shining Time Station, but she needs to figure out which karaoke songs to sing at the karaoke disco dance party.

Thomas/Rosie stories: Rosie's Karaoke Disco Dance Party Special/Rosie Sings the Blues

List of karaoke Songs Becky sings in this episode

Queen Songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, You're My Best Friend, We are the Champions and I Want To Break Free

The Calling: Wherever You Will Go

Avril Lavigne: Complicated

Episode 2: Send in the Clones: Mr. Conductor duplicates himself with Billy's duplicating machines, but he can't seem to control his duplicates.

Episode 3: Becky's Muppet Show Songs: Becky sings a numerous amount of songs from The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight.

Episode 4: Becky's Magical Christmas Blast: Dan, Kara, Becky and the other Shining Time Station residents are preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, and Becky gives everybody a Christmas Karaoke Disco Dance Party in the station.

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