These are ideas for Shining Time Station in the style for United Kingdom and Australian watchers with season 1 episode story with Ringo Starr still in & Thomas stories in the original RS version & seasons 2 & 3 episodes with Michael Angelis as Mr. Conductor in the role of GC Mr. Conductor & all the stories told & retold by Michael Angelis

UK/AUS STS season 1

  1. A Place Unlike any Other - Thomas Stories: Thomas & Gordon and Edward & Gordon
  2. Does it Bite? - Thomas Stories: The Sad Story of Henry and Edward, Gordon & Henry
  3. And the Band Played Off - Thomas Stories: Thomas' Train & Thomas & the Trucks
  4. Pitching in & Helping Out - Thomas Stories: Thomas & the Breakdown Train & James & the Coaches
  5. Show & Yell - Thomas Stories: Troublesome Trucks & James & the Express
  6. Faith, Hope & Anxiety - Thomas Stories: Thomas & the Guard & Thomas Goes Fishing
  7. Agree to Disagree - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Terence & the Snow & Thomas & Bertie
  8. Whistle While you Work - Thomas Stories: Tenders & Turntables & Trouble in the Shed
  9. Two Old Hands - Thomas Stories: Percy Runs Away & Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  10. Happy Accidents - Thomas Stories: Coal & The Flying Kipper
  11. Ring in the Old - Thomas Stories: Toby & the Stout Gentleman & Thomas in Trouble
  12. Impractical Jokes - Thomas Stories: Cows & Old Iron
  13. Finder's Keepers - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy & the Coal & Dirty Objects
  14. Just Wild About Harry's Workshop - Thomas Stories: Duck Takes Charge & Percy & Harold
  15. Promises, Promises - Thomas Stories: Better Late Than Never & Pop Goes the Diesel
  16. Words Out - Thomas Stories: Dirty Work & A Close Shave
  17. Too Many Cooks - Thomas Stories: Off The Rails & Down the Mine
  18. Mapping it Out - Thomas Stories: The Runaway & Percy Takes the Plunge
  19. Things that Go Ga-Hooga in the Night - Thomas Stories: Ghost Train & Woolly Bear
  20. Is This the End? - Thomas Stories: Saved from Scrap & Thomas & Trevor
  21. 'Tis A Gift - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Terence & the Snow & Thomas' Christmas Party

UK/AUS STS season 2

  1. Scare Dares - Thomas Stories: Ghost Train & Thomas, Percy & the Dragon [Ghost Train retold by Michael Angelis]
  2. Oh what a Tangled Web - Thomas Strories: Dirty Work & No Joke for James [Dirty Work retold by Michael Angelis]
  3. The Magic is Believing - Thomas Stories: Old Iron & Edward's Exploit [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  4. Win, Lose or Draw - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy & the Coal & Gordon & the Famous Visitor [Thomas, Percy & the Coal retold by Michael Angelis]
  5. Sweet & Sour - Thomas Stories: Brakevan & The Deputation [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  6. Achoo - Thomas Stories: Trust Thomas & Whistles & Sneezes [Whistles & Sneezes retold by Michael Angelis]
  7. A Dog's Life - Thomas Stories: Dirty Objects & The Trouble with Mud [Dirty Objects retold by Michael Angelis]
  8. Field Day - Thomas Stories: Percy and Harold & Thomas and Bertie [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  9. Wrong Track - Thomas Stories: Thomas & the Breakdown Train & Down the Mine [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  10. Washout - Thomas Stories: Bertie's Chase & Percy's Promise [Bertie's Chase retold by Michael Angelis]
  11. Crackpot - Thomas Stories: Woolly Bear & Henry's Forest [Woolly Bear retold by Michael Angelis]
  12. Yabba, Yabba, Yabba - Thomas Stories: Pop Goes the Diesel & Diesel Does it Again [Pop Goes the Diesel retold by Michael Angelis]
  13. Nickel in a Pickle - Thomas Stories: Thomas Comes to Breakfast & Thomas Gets Bumped [Thomas Comes to Breakfast retold by Michael Angelis]
  14. Stop the Press - Thomas Stories: Percy & the Signal & Thomas' Train [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  15. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Thomas Story: Thomas, Percy & the Post Train
  16. Double Trouble - Thomas Stories: The Diseasel & Donald's Duck [The Diseasel retold by Michael Angelis]
  17. Is Anybody There? - Thomas Stories: Thomas Goes Fishing & A Scarf for Percy [Thomas Goes Fishing retold by Michael Angelis]
  18. Do I Hear? - Thomas Stories: Mavis & Toby's Tightrope
  19. Jingle, Jingle, Jingle - Thomas Stories: Time For Trouble and Thomas & The Trucks [Thomas & The Trucks retold by Michael Angelis]
  20. All's Fair - Thomas Story: Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party

UK/AUS STS Season 3

  1. Becky Makes A Wish - Thomas Story: All At Sea
  2. Schemer's Alone - Thomas Story: Percy, James & The Fruitful Day
  3. Bully For Mr. Conductor - Thomas Story: Bulgy
  4. Stacy Cleans Up - Thomas Story: Buzz Buzz
  5. Schemer's Robot - Thomas Stories: Tenders & Turntables and Trouble In The Shed [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  6. Billy Saves The Day - Thomas Story: Thomas & Trevor [retold by Michael Angelis]
  7. Billy's Party - Thomas Story: Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure
  8. Fortune Teller Schemer - Thomas Stories: Thomas & The Guard and Cows [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  9. Billy's Runaway Train - Thomas Story: A Close Shave [retold by Michael Angelis]
  10. Schemer Goes Camping - Thomas Story: Percy Takes The Plunge [retold by Michael Angelis]
  11. Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin - Thomas Story: Heroes
  12. Bad Luck Day At Shining Time Station - Thomas Story: Off The Rails [retold by Michael Angelis]
  13. Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July - Thomas Story: Escape
  14. Stacy Forgets Her Name - Thomas Story: Thomas & Gordon [retold by Michael Angelis]
  15. Schemer's Special Club - Thomas Story: Oliver Owns Up
  16. Mr. Conductor's Movie - Thomas Story: Tender Engines
  17. The Joke's on Schemer - Thomas Story: Wrong Road [retold by Michael Angelis]
  18. Dance Crazy - Thomas Story: Percy Runs Away [retold by Michael Angelis]
  19. Mysterious Stranger - Thomas Stories: The Sad Story of Henry and Edward, Gordn & Henry [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  20. Dan's Big Race - Thomas Stories: Coal and The Flying Kipper [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  21. Mr. Conductor Gets Left Out - Thomas Story: One Good Turn
  22. Mr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk - Thomas Story: Better Late Than Never [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  23. The Mayor Runs For Re-Election - Thomas Stories James & The Coaches and Troublesome Trucks [both retold by Michael Angelis]
  24. Stacy Says No - Thomas Story: Duck Takes Charge [retold by Michael Angelis]
  25. How the Station Got its Name - Thomas Stories: Toby & The Stout Gentleman and Thomas In Trouble [both retold by Michael Angelis]

UK/AUS STS Family Specials

  1. Once Upon A Time - Thomas Stories: Rusty To The Rescue and Thomas & Stepney
  2. Second Chances - Thomas Stories: Granpuff and Sleeping Beauty
  3. One of the Family - Thomas Stories: Toad Stands By and Thomas & The Special Letter
  4. Queen For A Day - Thomas Stories: Paint Pots & Queens and Special Attraction

UK/AUS STS Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales

  1. Paint The Town Red - Thomas Stories: The Sad Story of Henry, Fish, Whistles & Sneezes, Henry & The Elephant and Bulldog [The Sad Story of Henry and Whistles & Sneezes retold by Michael Angelis] - Thomas Song: Let's Have A Race
  2. Splish, Splash, Splosh - Thomas Stories: Passengers & Polish, Gallant Old Engine, Bertie's Chase, Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady and You Can't Win [Bertie's Chase retold by Michael Angelis] - Thomas Song: Gone Fishing
  3. Missing Whistles - Thomas Stories: Bull's Eyes, Train Stops Play, Ghost Train, Thomas, Percy & The Dragon and Special Funnel [Ghost Train retold by Michael Angelis] - Thomas Song: Really Useful Engine
  4. Wildlife - Thomas Stories: Four Little Engines, Thomas & The Trucks, Toad Stands By, Thomas & The Breakdown Train and Trucks [Thomas & The Trucks and Thomas & The Breakdown Train retold by Michael Angelis] - Thomas Song: Toby
  5. For The Birds - Thomas Stories: A Bad Day For Sir Handel, Steamroller, Old Iron, Thomas, Percy & The Coal and Bowled Out [Old Iron and Thomas, Percy & The Coal retold by Michael Angelis] - Thomas Song: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
  6. Wish You Were Here - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy & The Post Train, Mind That Bike, Rock N Roll, Home At Last and Thomas & The Special Letter - Thomas Song: The Island Song

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