Shining Time Station With Friends is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features Mr. Conductor 1 (Ringo Starr in 1989 and 2008-Present, George Carlin in 1991-2007), Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin), Mr. Conductor 3 (Michael Brandon), Mr. Conductor 4 (Mark Moraghan), Stacy Jones, Harry Cupper, Billy Twofeathers, Horace Schemer, Schemee, The Jukebox Band and characters from various YTV shows (like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon, Totally Spies, Cardcaptors, WarioWare, etc). Each episode will be composed of two Thomas Stories (1 on some episodes). Thomas Songs from Seasons 4-7 will be used in Seasons 4, 5, 7 and 8. Note: In Seasons 4-9 and 14, Thomas Stories based on the 1989 version of The New Adventures of Shining Time Station will be used, also in Seasons 10-13, Thomas Stories based on the first four seasons of this show will be redone by George Carlin, Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin).

Major Guest Stars

  • Ash Ketchum, Mary, Ash's 14 opponents, Ash's 12 new characters, Casey, The Kimono Sisters and The TA and PTF Crew (all from Pokemon)
  • Yami Yugi, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardner, Seto Kaiba and Mai Valentine (all from Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Serena Tsukino, Mina Aino, Raye Hino, Lita Kino and Amy Mizuno (all from Sailor Moon)
  • Sam Simpson, Clover and Alex (all from Totally Spies)
  • Sakura Avalon, Meilin Rae, Madison Taylor, Rita Sasaki, Chelsea Mihara and Nikki Yanagisawa (all from Cardcaptors)
  • Wario, Waluigi, Jimmy T., Jimmy P., Mona, Dribble, Spitz, Kat, Ana, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dr. Crygor, Mike The Karaoke Robot, Penny Crygor, Orbulon, Ashley, Young Cricket and Master Mantis (all from WarioWare)
  • Sonic, Knuckles and Tails (all from Sonic X)
  • Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, Billy Cranston and Tommy Oliver (all from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers)
  • Tai Kamiya and The Digi Cast (all from Digimon)
  • Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Krystal, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare (all from Star Fox)
  • Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo (all from TMNT 2003)
  • Mushra, Sago, Binka, Yakumo Tatsuro and Kutal (all from Shinzo)
  • Flint Hammerhead, Sarah Goodman and Tony Goodman (all from Flint The Time Detective)
  • Jackie Chan, Uncle Chan, Jade Chan, Viper and Tohru (all from Jackie Chan Adventures)
  • Rikochet, Buena Girl and The Flea (all from Mucha Lucha)
  • Eddy, Ed, Double D, Sarah, Jimmy, Jonny 2x4, Rolf, Kevin, Nazz, Lee Kanker, May Kanker and Marie Kanker (all from Ed, Edd N Eddy)
  • Al Valentine, James Rogers, Amy Lambert, Mel Blake, Sean Jones, Juanita Lopez, Vin Walterson, Sam Williams, Erica Roberts, Jacqueline Adair, Flan Cabot and Dark Onion (all from Hoop-a-Joop)
  • Winnie The Pooh, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Owl, Roo, Gopher, Christopher Robin, Kessie, Nasty Jack, The Thug Dolls, Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump (all from The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
  • Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley (all from What's New, Scooby-Doo?)
  • Courage, Muriel Bagge and Eustace Bagge (all from Courage The Cowardly Dog)
  • Sabrina Spellman, Hilda Spellman and Zelda Spellman (all from Sabrina: The Animated Series)
  • Dexter, Dee Dee, Dexter's Mom and Dexter's Dad (all from Dexter's Laboratory)
  • CatDog, Winslow T. Oddfellow, Lola Caricola, Rancid Rabbit, Cliff Feltbottom, Lube Ignatius and Shriek Dubois (all from CatDog)
  • Ally Williams, Carly Lopez and Lisa Jones (all from Life With Ally)
  • Annie Roberts, Ellie Cook and Brianna Anderson (all from Annie The Smart and Genius Girl)
  • Heathcliff, Riff Raff, Sonja, Cleo, Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo (all from Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats)
  • and many others.

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