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Shining Time Station in the Style of Sesame Street Home Videos is a series that is based on the original Sesame Street Home Videos.

Volume 1: Sing Yourself Silly (STS Edition)

Segment Line Up:

  • FRAME 1: Big Bird pops up wearing a spinning bow tie and explains what "silly" is. He then presents the series of silly songs.
  • Muppets: Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree
  • FRAME 2: Maria and Luis pop out wearing Groucho glasses and say "Now that was silly!"
  • Cartoon: Ladybugs Picnic
  • Celebrity: Jellyman Kelly
  • FRAME 3: Gladys comments, "Now that was silly!"
  • Jukebox Band: While Strolling Through the Park
  • FRAME 4: Super Mario says "Now that was silly!"
  • Muppets: Wavin' Goodbye to You with My Heart
  • FRAME 5: Mr. Conductor says "Now that was silly!" and blows his story whistle
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: James Goes Buzz Buzz
  • FRAME 6: The Amazing Mumford and his duck appear in a puff of smoke, with the duck exclaiming "Now that's silly!" in Mumford's voice, while Mumford lets out a quack.
  • Muppets: "Old MacDonald Cantata"
  • FRAME 7: Forgetful Jones comments, "Now that was spinach!"
  • Muppets: Everything in the Wrong Place Ball
  • FRAME 8: Forgetful still can't remember the word "silly".
  • Muppets: One Banana
  • FRAME 9: Count von Count counts 7 bananas.
  • Jukebox Band: Polly Wolly Doodle
  • FRAME 10: Thomas the Tank Engine says "Now that was silly"
  • Cartoon: Calcutta Joe
  • FRAME 11: Big Bird and the Honkers take some time to address that silly songs are no laughing matter.
  • Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash: Don Music tries to write "Mary Had a Little Lamb", but he can't come up with a word that rhymes with "snow". Kermit suggests that Don try another angle, which leads to Don writing the hit song "Mary Had a Bicycle". Don sings the song, with back-up vocals from the Monotones.
  • FRAME 12: Oscar comments "Now that's yucky! I'm not gonna say 'silly'," until Elmo points out he did say "silly".
  • Cartoon: Ten Turtles
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: Thomas Goes Fishing
  • Muppets/Celebrity: Put Down the Duckie
  • FRAME 13: Big Bird asks how the song was. The Kids confirm, "Now that was silly!", and they dance to "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree" while the credits roll.Afterwards, the video concludes with Maria and Luis donning Groucho glasses and exclaiming "Now that was silly!" (repeated from Frame 2).


  • Before the Jukebox Band songs begin they show the scene of the nickel going down the slot first.
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz is taken from the Shining Time Station episode, Stacy Cleans Up.
  • Thomas Goes Fishing is restored.

Volume 2: ??????

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