Shinji’s guide to demons and demonic behavior

I have worked with Nami and other Half-demons for a while now. I have fought will true demons such as Akiro, and I want to share what I have learned so you don’t repeat my mistakes!

Demon forms

Human: {Half demon only} A purely human form half demons have during the new moon.

Normal: {Half demon only} The normal form for a half-demon. It’s just that- Half demon.

True: The normal form for a full demon. Half demons reach this form by the power of will.

Full: A full animal form more powerful then true form. Full is often a smaller version of the ultimate form. Full form is activated through strong feelings- anger, hate, sadness, loneliness…

Ultimate: The ultimate and most powerful form. It is only reachable if there are two conditions: There must be a full moon out and the user must be in a life or death situation. Little is known about it.

How the phase of the moon affects a demon’s mood

During a full moon: A demon may become violent and unfriendly. Some demons are unaware of what happens during a full moon after it’s over.

WARNING: It can be dangerous to approach a demon during a full moon phase! I learned this the VERY HARD way.

During a waxing (growing) moon: A demon may be more irritable during a waxing moon.

During a new moon: A demon will usually be in the best mood during a new moon, since they can become humans and act normally.

During a waning (shrinking) moon: A demon will usually be slightly more on the friendly side as the new moon approaches.

Note: A demon will be the most balanced during a perfect half moon, as you may have guessed.

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