Name of Ship

Introduced: Ignore
Mass: Set your vessel’s maximum mass (tons)
Length: Duh
Sail Diameter: 0 meters
Fuel: Set your fuel (tons)
Safe Thrust: g’s * 2, round to nearest whole number
Structural Integrity (SI): Put at 0 for corvettes and frigates, and at Max Possible Tons (armor) = the Actual Tons (armor) for cruisers and destroyers. (The SI takes up mass. It’s the internal structure of your ship.)


Type of Armor: Ferro-carbide
Armor Tech: Clan
Max. Possible Tons: Either ignore if SI is set to 0, or set the SI so this value matches your Armor Tons value.
Tons: Number of tons of armor.
Use Max Armor Rule: Check.
Assign Armor to Arcs: Assign it if you’d like. Doesn’t really matter too much.

DropShip Capacity
Set to 0.

Grav Decks

Large: 0
Small: 0

HPG and Lithium-Fusion Battery
Do not check these boxes.

Capital Weapons

Type: We only concern ourselves with the following weapons in this section: Kraken-T, Killer Whale-T, White Shark-T, Baracuda-T. T is short for torpedo. The torpedos are our nuclear warheads, and are in order from largest payload to smallest payload. Don’t forget to add ammo (Total Rounds).

Anti-Fighter Weapons

Choose Clan in the leftmost tab.

Type: We only concern ourselves with the UAC/2 – 20. UAC/2 is our AMS, with UAC5 –20 being equal to our Gauss cannons. Smaller the number, the smaller the caliber. Don’t forget to add ammo, in tons (Total Tons).

Heat Sinks
Set to 0.

Shipboard Forces
Fighters: Set the number you wish to carry inside your ship.
Small Craft: Set to 0.
Pilots: Number is equal to the number of pilots for your fighters.
Techs: 5 * (No. Fighters)
Astechs: 5 * (No. Fighters)

Set the number of Marines, while ignoring the Unarmored Elem. and Elemental tabs.

Ground Forces
Set to 0, or ignore all of them.


Crew Assignments
Use Recommended Crew: Yes.
Detailed Crew Assignments: Set to 0.
Crew Type: Set to Clan
Crew Quality: Your choice.
Escape Pods/Lifeboats: Up to you, but I recommend a little bit more than the maximum number of passengers and crew aboard your ship. Unless you’re a heartless bastard.
Assign Crew Quarters: Duh.

None and 0 or ignore.

Cargo Bays
This area has no bearing on actual calculations, so it’s just fluff. Usually, you’d label one of the bays as a fighter bay, if you carry fighters. The number of Doors has no bearing on any calculations.

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