044 Warning – Winch load high (Normal or Single winch mode only)


Determine in the main window at which winch the error occurred.

The load cell at the foundation beam measures the cable force continuously. The cable force is converted to a winch load. The winch load is monitored.

Nr. Cause Solution
1. The winch load exceeds 380 ton.

Check the support of the vessel at the winch location, and redistributed the loads over the surrounding winches by either adjusting the support of the vessel or adjusting the position correction in ’Single/pair’ mode.

ATTENTION! This error is only a warning error. The system is not shut down.

ATTENTION! This is only allowed when the system is not locked.
2. The load cell is defective. Replace the load cell.
3. The calibration of the load cell is not OK. Re-calibrate the load cell.
4. The wiring between the load cell and the IO-module is not OK. Check the load cell or LDB by means of the LDB circuit diagram [2].

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