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Shira's Movable Type

I'm Shira and I welcome you to my little chunk of the wiki universe. I wear many hats and I'm in the process of sewing them together into one Super-Hat. Learning about new media and new forms of online platforms and web based communication and collaboration excites and empowers me. BECA 670, a class I'm taking this semester, has been instrumental in exposing me to new and exciting interactive media, including Wikia.

Useful & Frugal Tips for the San Francisco State University Community

San Francisco State University (SFSU) is a treasure trove of opportunities and resources.

  • The J. Paul Leonard Libray houses more than one million books as well as a host of electronic and audio-visual media. Libraries are not dead (yet) and borrowing a book is a great way to save a buck. The library is also chalk full of computer labs--including a 24 hour lab!--to meet all of your computer needs.
  • Save a TON of money on the latest and greatest software by purchasing it directly from the SFSU Bookstore. With the Student Licensing Agreement, you can buy the latest Adobe Suites or individual programs for a fraction of what you'd be paying retail. Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is available to students for $60.00 at the bookstore, for example, as compared to the retail price of $449.00!

Art & Culture

SFSU supports a surprisingly rich artistic community that one can enjoy on a super-Lo budget.

  • The SFSU College of Creative Arts Events Calendar includes an array of incredible performances spanning a variety of mediums--theater, opera, string quartet and classical performances, choral ensembles, cablecasts, fine art, etc.
  • The SFSU Fine Arts Gallery hosts four exhibitions a year (think: opening night art receptions) and admission is FREE.
  • Also check out the KSFS radio station. You can listen to it anywhere on earth, provided you have the internet.

More in Store

A variety of resources, activities and places to hang out are available at SFSU for those willing to take the time to do some exploratory work. A partial list of campus offerings includes:

  • MAC and PC Computer labs, with computers that include programs such as Final Cut, Live Type, Photoshop, Dream weaver, Illustrator among many others that will aid your ability to create digital imagery.
  • Student center eateries and coffee kiosks (and other food stations throughout the campus)
  • Study rooms and study areas throughout campus, such as the 24 hours study hall on the 1st floor of the library.
  • The Cal State 9 Credit Union (which requires only a miniscule deposit to open an account)

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