In Russia, the very first tankette project was independently developed in 1919 by the Russian engineer I. Maksimov. The tankette was named "Sh'itonoska" which meant "Shield Carrier". The vehicle was armed with one machine-gun and was operated by a single crewman who was in the prone position.

It's a very low vehicle, almost sausage-shaped seen from the side, with low tracks and ten small road wheels per side. Weighing a mere 2.25 tons it was around 7 feet long with a 7.62 mm Maxim at the extreme front in a small sponson with limited traverse of around 15 degrees to either side. Powered by a 40 hp Fiat engine and with 10 mm armour, it could do 15 mph. It was rejected by the Military Industrial Council - limitations included the extreme discomfort of the prone driver, and expecting one man to drive and shoot was asking too much, it was felt.

No Shitonoskas were built.

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