Fuel transfer complete. Confirm all systems go for launch. Ignition!



[Wallace] We have lift-off. The trolley has cleared the garden on its thirteenth mission to the shop. Set guidance control two manual. Righto.Take a left on Stockton Avenue and proceed to the Pack and Save.


Begin cheese act position aisle two.

[Wallace] Easy, does it. Steady, lad. It's the wrong cheese, Gromit. Go for the big one.


[Wallace] Wha-hey! Haha! Well done, lad! Now bring him home.



Gromit, we have a problem. It's a long loaf, but it might just work, and lovely with a slice of cheese. Look out!


It's almost due for re-entry. I can see him. Just one small step. I knew he'd make it! Haha!

[wheel puttering]

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. The edam is stranded. Gromit, we'll have to launch to probe. Oh!


Haha! That's it, boy. Bring it here. Oh, oh, oy, get off me cheese! Gromit! Gromit, go for him. Gromit! Oh, I'll give you what-for, you tyke! Gromit! Oh.


Audio Descriptions

Now a title appears. Shopper 13. Cue to lab with a man talking to his dog. The dog then presses the button. Two trees fall while a robot with a number 14 on it pops up. Cut to house. Gromit puts the screen on. Screen goes through a sign: "No dogs". The doors open. The screen moves to the cheese isle and a message appears: "Light cheese". A message appears. "Abort!". Camera moves up, getting the cheese with a yellow star and a message: "Grand Edam". A subtitle appears: "Weight overload". Gromit is pulling a joystick. Another subtitle appears. Danger. Gromit pulls a joystick and the robot gets a baguette. Static appears on screen. The robot then exits the store. Small lights get away from the shop to "Sharp corner" and "No turn". They then go through 100 yards and the park behind a tree. The robot is moving, but a soccer ball almost hits it. The robot continues moving. Gromit is perspiring and wipes his head. The light almost makes it to the house. The robot tries to get in, but loses a tire and tumbles. The cheese drops. Gromit pushes a button, bringing a sheep out of its pen. The sheep then opens its helmet and takes a bite out of the cheese. Wallace gets surprised. Gromit doesn't listen to him. The sheep has taken a bite out of the cheese and a small circle highlights on it. Cut to credits. Description by NCI Described Media. This is Carl Nubile.

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