Chris as Ten cents

Dr. Maxwell as Big mac

Scotty as O.J

Dr. Ropata as Top Hatt

Craig as Warrior

T.K as Hercules

Harry as Sunshine

Michael McKenna as Captain Starr

Ethan as Zorran

Whetu as Zebedee

Leo as Zak

Brooke as Zug

Grant Marsden as Zip

Joey Henderson as Captain Zero

Frazer as Grampus

Sarah as Lillie Lightship

Daniel as Izzy Gomez

Kingi as Bluenose

Kip as Sea Rouge

Thomas as Sea Rouges Uncle

Angus as Billy Shoepack

Trent as Burke

Cindy as Blair

Dr. Durville as Fire Tug

Toni as Sally Seaplane

Kieran as the Coast Guard'

Hunter as The Coast Guards Messenger

Domnic Cooper as Johnny Cuba

Guy Warner as Nantucket

Gerald as Lillie Lightship

Morgan as Pearl

Michael as Old Rusty

Bill Lamont as The Garbage Master

Tane as Frank

Wiremu as Eddie

The Whitetails as the Pirates

Tama as Boomer

Ethans Assisant as Lord Stinker

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