Show-and-Tell Storyboard Pitch is a fan-fiction thing to make. It would've appeared on the Disney print of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Storyboard Artist Shannon Denton pitches the scene where Ms. Fowl's classroom has a show-and-tell session after Cindy finishes her explanation on the female dinosaurs to a group of people to make sure it looks good.



  • (Fades to Shannon Denton in a room, who is pitching the storyboards for the "Show-and-Tell" scene to a group of people with a pointing stick on one of the storyboards, which happens to be the chart of the dinosaurs)
  • Shannon Denton: Alright, so...
  • (Textbox: Shannon Denton - Storyboard Artist)
  • Shannon Denton: ...Cindy is giving her explanation to her classmates on why female dinosaurs are smarter.
  • (Shannon Denton points his pointing stick to a storyboard where Cindy points to the male tyrannosaurus rex using a pointing stick.)
  • Shannon Denton: She points to a picture of the male tyrannosaurus rex using her pointing stick and says "And my fossil-to-chromosome ratios clearly demonstrate that female dinosaurs, like this plesiosaurus,..."
  • (Shannon Denton then points his pointing stick to a storyboard where we see Cindy standing in front of the chart.)
  • Shannon Denton: "...were the stronger and smarter of their species."


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