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  • Shrek as Ten Cents
  • Donkey as Sunshine
  • Princess Fiona as Lillie Lightship
  • Puss in Boots as Frank or Eddie
  • King Harold as Big Mac
  • Queen Lillian as Sally Seaplane
  • Lord Farquaad as Zorran
  • The Fairy Godmother as Daisy (from TTTE)
  • Prince Charming as Bluenose
  • Rumpelstiltskin as Johnny Cuba
  • Ogre Babies as Themelfs
  • Dronkies as Themslefs
  • Pinnochio as Billy Shoepack
  • Gingy as Puffa
  • The Three Little Pigs as Themselfs
  • The Three Blind Mice as Themselfs
  • Brogan as Warrior
  • Cookie as Big Mickey
  • Captain Hook as Top Hat
  • Cyclops as Zip
  • Puppet Master as Zug
  • Captain of the Guards as Zebedee
  • Lord Farquaads Ghost as Zak

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