Shuriken School/Sonic X is a parody made by Samracheltang88 which had shuriken school clips and Sonic X sounds.


Version 1 (by Sacramental)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)

  • Eizan as Sonic ( both have blue and are the main heroes of the series)
  • Jimmy as Tails (both are partners to Eizan and Sonic)
  • Daisuke as Knuckles
  • Okuni as Amy
  • Ami as Cream (I don't care if they have their names, Amy. Their personalities don't match. Ami is not Tsundre.)
  • Kita as Vanilla
  • Kubo as Vector
  • Naginata as Shadow (Both are rivals to Eizan and Sonic)
  • Mac (Fosters home for imaginary friends) as Chris Thorndyke
  • Madame foster (Fosters home for Imaginary Friends) as Ella
  • Frankie Foster (Fosters home for imaginary Friends) as Mrs Thorndyke
  • Principal of Katana as Dr Eggman
  • Orbit (Rob the Robot) as Charmy
  • Ema (Rob the Robot) as Cosmo
  • Rob the Robot as Espio
  • T.K(Rob the Robot) as Rouge the Bat

Version 2

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