Shuriken School/Sonic X is a parody made by Samracheltang88 which had shuriken school clips and Sonic X sounds.

Rules for all versions

  1. Okuni is only allowed to play Amy Rose because they get angry at times.
  2. Ami is not allowed to play Amy rose because their personalities don't match.
  3. Okuni cannot play anyone eyes except Amy.


Version 1 (by Sacramental)

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  • Eizan as Sonic ( both have blue and are the main heroes of the series)
  • Jimmy as Tails (both are partners to Eizan and Sonic)
  • Daisuke as Knuckles
  • Okuni as Amy (No, Okuni cannot play Cream or Knuckles)
  • Ami as Cream (I don't care if they have their names, Amy. Their personalities don't match. Ami is not Tsundre.)
  • Kita as Vanilla
  • Kubo as Vector
  • Naginata as Shadow (Both are rivals to Eizan and Sonic)
  • Mac (Fosters home for imaginary friends) as Chris Thorndyke
  • Madame foster (Fosters home for Imaginary Friends) as Ella
  • Frankie Foster (Fosters home for imaginary Friends) as Mrs Thorndyke
  • Principal of Katana as Dr Eggman
  • Orbit (Rob the Robot) as Charmy
  • Ema (Rob the Robot) as Cosmo
  • Lincoln Loud (Loud House) as Espio
  • Lori Loud (Loud House) as Rouge the Bat
  • Principal of Shuriken as Chuck Thorndyke

Version 2

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