Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips is the villain of Toy Story, Pixar's first feature and the first wholly computer-animated film, is Sid, the boy next door. This boy spends his days destroying and disfiguring toys, even his sister's most treasured dolls.

The toys only have to worry about their creative/destructive neighbor until Andy's family makes their upcoming move to a different part of town. But these last few days are particularly dangerous for Buzz and Woody when they find themselves in the terror zone that is Sid's room.



  1. Sid Phillips/Angelica Pickles
  2. Sid Phillips/Thomas
  3. Sid Phillips/TUGS
  4. Sid Phillips/Theodore Tugboat
  5. Sid Phillips/Salty's Lighthouse
  6. Sid Phillips/Shining Time Station
  7. Sid Phillips/Toy Story
  8. Sid Phillips/A Bug's Life
  9. Sid Phillips/SpongeBob
  10. Sid Phillips/Little Bear
  11. Sid Phillips/Al McWhiggin
  12. Sid Phillips/Skarloey
  13. Sid Phillips/Pumbaa
  14. Sid Phillips/The Backyardigans
  15. Sid Phillips/Pokemon
  16. Sid Phillips/Snotty Boy
  17. Sid Phillips/Toby
  18. Sid Phillips/Edward
  19. Sid Phillips/Gordon
  20. Sid Phillips/Winston
  21. Sid Phillips/Captain
  22. Sid Phillips/Sir Topham Hatt
  23. Sid Phillips/Diesel
  24. Sid Phillips/Spencer

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