Write the text of your article here! sid and po the movie is an comedy film based on the television series sid the sloth it stars alex the lion, mark coleman and woody bill howard will not reprise his role as sid the sloth because he voiced him in the tv show sid the sloth. the film is set to be released in theatre's on december 19th, 2012. plot- sid and po need to keep track of mufasa crown and defeat the evil bird lord shen. cast- alex the lion as sid. mark coleman as po. woody as daffy duck. thumbelina as tigeress. whitey as mufasa. puss in boots as joey. fuzz as kiara. cock as manny. other charectars as the animals. production- the information for the production on the film will be written after it's made. dvd release- the release for the dvd of sid the sloth might be in april or may 2013 it is unknown when the film will be released on dvd. trailer- during the release of 2011's alvin and the chipmunks chip-wrecked a trailer will be released on the dvd.

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