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Zeke And Company


  • Zeke as Oliver
  • Sid as Dodger
  • Crash (from Ice Age) as Fagin
  • Gerald as Tito
  • May as Geogette
  • Alameda Slim (from Home on the Range) as Sykes
  • Mr. Ping (from Kung Fu Panda) as Einstein
  • Gabriela as Jenny
  • Mort as Francis
  • Susie as Rita
  • Rafiki (from The Lion King) as Winston
  • Stan and Carmine (from The Wild) as Roscoe and DeSoto
  • Once Upon A Time In New York City*Zeke Meets Sid/Why Should I Worry?*At The Dock*Alameda Slim (Including Stan & Carmine)*Stan & Carmine Leaves/Bedtime Story*Streets Of Gold/Gabriela & Rafiki*In The Car*At Foxworth's House/Perfect Isn't Easy*In The Kitchen/May Meets Zeke*Sid Has A Plan/Good Company*Rescuing Zeke/In Foxworth's House*Sad Moments/Crash Has An Idea*Where's Zeke?*At Alameda Slim's Building*Gabriela Meets Crash/Alameda Slim Took Her Away*Rescuing Gabriela*Pursuit Through The Subway*Gabriela's Birthday/May & Gerald*Farewell To Zeke/Why Should I Worry? (Reprise)*End Credits

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